How The Masked Singer's Snow Owls Prove The Show Needs More Couples

The Masked Singer Snow Owls Fox

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 4 episode "The Group A Finals." Read at your own risk!

The Group A finals were underway on the latest episode of The Masked Singer, and as usual, the competition was fierce. With only talented singers left in the fold, it was a given someone was going to leave disappointed. Unfortunately, tonight's cut was the adorable Snow Owls, who really made a case about why The Masked Singer needs more couples.

Before I get into that, some congratulations are in order. While her initial guess of Donny and Marie Osmond was way off the mark in a remarkably funny way, judge Nicole Scherzinger had a real moment of redemption with her final guess. The judge confidently said she pegged it when she finally saw the Snow Owl's bodies, and correctly guessed that it was country legend Clint Black and his actress/singer wife Lisa Hartman Black.

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black The Masked Singer Fox

The two wowed on stage right up until the end, and though they didn't make it through to the next round, they certainly won the love and adoration of The Masked Singer internet fandom. The good news is this wasn't a case where the two were outlasted by a less-than-perfect performer, and it was a night where literally everyone (especially Popcorn) came with their best. Unfortunately, someone always has to go, and it was the Snow Owls' time to go.

I'll be the first to admit I was leery about The Masked Singer allowing two contestants to compete simultaneously, and am rarely a fan of the gimmick on other singing shows. With that being said, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black were a case where having two people didn't necessarily make for a disadvantage to others, and enabled the The Masked Singer to show it can continue to evolve in Season 4.

If there is one complaint I had about the duo, it's that The Masked Singer didn't give us nearly enough time with Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black at the end of the episode! This was a big moment where a married couple performed on the show for the first time, and the two only got to comment on that experience in the final seconds as the credits rolled.

I will say that what little I heard was super sweet and wholesome, especially when Lisa Hartman Black said she cried when she first saw the costumes because they looked so beautiful. Typically the show's interviews at the end with contestants are unnecessary fluff I can take or leave, but this wasn't one of those times.

For future seasons (assuming they happen) I would love for Fox to highlight more couples on The Masked Singer. Honestly, there's not even a huge need to hide their relationships going forward either, as there are enough notable Hollywood couples that I don't think it would spoil the fun too much. The latest episode made me realize the series is missing a wholesome loving element that it's totally capable of pulling off, and I think adding more couples would raise the bar.

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