Dash And Lily: 7 Questions We have After Season 1

Austin Abrams and Midori Francis in Dash and Lily

Netflix’s latest original series Dash and Lily follows two teens who meet when they start communicating through a red journal. The journal forces them to challenge themselves, each other, and their notion of Christmas. Dash and Lily is an adorable series that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s the perfect holiday romantic movie escape. Dash and Lily Season 1 offered a pretty satisfying conclusion to the season, and possibly the series, but I want more.

Though Dash and Lily wrapped up many of the essential pieces of season one, it added some new threads that would be fun to explore in season two. Let’s look at some of the questions we still have after Dash and Lily Season 1.

Warning: Spoilers about Dash and Lily Season 1 ahead. Turn back if you don't want to be spoiled.

Austin Abrams and Midori Francis as Dash and Lily in Dash and Lily

What Happens Next For Dash And Lily?

We got our big romantic ending with Lily (Midori Francis) and Dash (Austin Abrams) finally getting to kiss and be together. They met in person, overcame their romantic obstacles, and even spent the new year in New York together. It was the romantic ending that we all wanted. However, is it really happily ever after for Dash and Lily?

As we saw throughout Dash and Lily, they are two very different people. The entire first season managed to go by without much face-to-face interaction between them, so we don’t really know how they fit together in the real world.

Viewers did get to see Dash and Lily interact at a party, and it seemed like they naturally worked, even with the social pressures of their peers, but what happens when Lily’s quirky personality spends more than a few minutes in Dash’s cool New York life. We saw throughout Dash and Lily Season 1 that they change to better versions of themselves because of each other’s influence, but it’s only a matter of time before old (and some bad) habits start to resurface.

Additionally, I think most of us just want to see more of Dash and Lily together and watch them overcome any obstacles, because let’s face it, we’re hopeless romantics.

Troy Iwata in Dash and Lily

Will Benny And Langston’s Relationship Survive Puerto Rico?

The second best romance in Dash and Lily was of course between Langston (Troy Iwata) and Benny (Diego Guevara). Just as Lily was exploring her romantic future with Dash, Langston breaks up with Benny because he didn’t want to do a long-distance relationship.

We found out towards the end of the season that Benny was only leaving for Puerto Rico for a short amount of time, and Langston was being dramatic. Langston came to his senses a the end of Dash and Lily Season 1 and stood outside Benny’s window with a blue notebook--reminiscent of another famous standing outside the window scene. If Dash and Lily receive a Season 2 order, I am curious to see if Benny and Langston are happily together or if we’ll get an update and they will have, in fact, broken up because of Puerto Rico.

I think it could be interesting if the series starts Season 2 with them broken up, and we get to see Langston with a new love interest, or him trying to win Benny back.

Keana Marie and Dante Brown in Dash and Lily

What’s Next For Boomer And Sofia?

Sofia (Keana Marie) and Boomer (Dante Brown) had very minimal interaction in Dash and Lily Season 1, but from their few encounters, it seemed like the series hinted towards possible romantic feelings existing between them.

My suspicions were proven right when Sofia and Boomer were seen at the end of Season 1 holding hands. This was an expected development but not this soon. I expected to see them start to explore their feelings for each other in Season 2, not in the Season 1 finale. We only saw Sofia and Boomer hold hands, sometimes friends hold hands? It looked pretty romantic to me, but maybe Boomer and Sofia won’t quite be a thing yet if Dash and Lily Season 2 happens. Instead, we might still see their relationship develop in that direction.

Keana Marie and Austin Abrams in Dash and Lily

And How Will Dash Feel About His Best Friend Dating His Ex-Girlfriend?

If Boomer and Sofia are a couple in the second season, I hope it plays out in a realistic way. Everything we know about Dash doesn’t make me think that he’ll be excited to see his ex-girlfriend and best friend dating. He was pretty heartbroken over Sofia, and if Dash takes a cynical road, Boomer encouraging him not to reignite their relationship may seem like a ploy to steal his ex-girlfriend.

I think we should see Dash a little jealous and mistrustful of Boomer. I mean Boomer has been sneaky at times, like easily keeping Lily’s identity a secret from Dash. I don’t want the best friends to go full Dawson’s Creek feud level, especially because Dash is happy with Lily, but I think there should be some conflict there. Maybe Dash is a little hurt and jealous at first but later comes to be more supportive of their romance.

Midori Francis, Gideon Emery, and Jennifer Ikeda in Dash and Lily

How Will Lily Adjust To Life With Grandpa And Mrs. Basil E?

Dash and Lily were given a chance to be together when Lily’s grandpa (James Saito) and his sister, nicknamed Mrs. Basil E (Jodi Long) agreed to let her live with them in New York, while her parents moved to Fiji. Grandpa will be Lily’s guardian, while Mrs. Basil E will step in when he’s in Florida visiting his girlfriend.

This seems like the perfect solution for Lily but we’re sure it won’t be easy living with grandpa or Mrs. Basil E. Grandpa seems strict, so he’ll probably be much more stern with Lily, especially now that she has a boyfriend.

Basil E seems like the fun-loving one, but perhaps her free-spirited nature will be too free-spirited and make Lily yearn for structure. It’ll be interesting to see these completely different personalities try to take care of Lily, especially with her new thirst for adventure.

James Saito and Jodi Long in Dash and Lily

Will Mrs. Basil E And Grandpa Repair Their Relationship?

Mrs. Basil E and grandpa are estranged siblings. We saw them throughout Dash and Lily Season 1 trying to compromise and reconcile but then getting back into a fight and a cycle of not speaking. They’ll be co-parenting Lily, so they’ll be forced to interact more.

I would like to see Mrs. Basil E and grandpa finally forgive past mistakes and learn to be a family again. It would be a nice additional storyline to add to the wholesomeness of Dash and Lily.

Midori Francis in Dash and Lily

How Will The Red Journal Play A Part In Dash And Lily Season 2?

Dash and Lily don’t really need the red journal now that they’ll be seeing each other face-to-face, but it was an important part of their love story, so I believe it will find a new way to resurface in Dash and Lily Season 2. Maybe, we’ll see a new set of people using it to connect, like Boomer and Sofia, or Edgar (Glenn McCuen) and someone.

There is also a possibility that Dash and Lily could end up separated again for the holidays like maybe Lily spending Christmas in Fiji with her parents or Dash’s parents finally taking an interest and flying him off somewhere for Christmas.

Dash and Lily is currently in Netflix renewed or canceled limbo, but I hope it gets another season. The season ended in a way that fans of the series should be happy with how everything turned out, but I want more. This was such a wholesome and jolly series that I would love to have a few more Dash and Lily seasons around Christmas time for the next few years. Dash and Lily Season 1 is available on Netflix. Stream it here.

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