After Netflix Cancels The Order, Creator Shares What Was Going To Happen

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It has probably been quite a nerve-wracking time for anyone working on a Netflix original as of late, as the streamer has been on a tear canceling shows throughout the year. Shows have been chopped from the streamer regardless of their level of acclaim or success, or the fandoms that avidly support them. Magic series The Order was the latest show to be axed by the service, with the series coming to an end after Season 2 premiered earlier in the year.

The news came from creator Dennis Heaton, who posted the sad reveal to fans on social media. Check out the heartfelt message, which has a touch of humor to it, below and continue on for details on what would've happened in future seasons.

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Hey, props must be great souvenirs from a canceled series, and in the chance The Order could one day return to television, may be helpful to have around. Unfortunately, considering Dennis Heaton revealed some key details for what would've happened next in the series had it gotten a renewal, the odds may not be great for another network or streamer picking up the series.

For those that need a refresher, The Order Season 2 ended with Alyssa potentially being mauled to death by Midnight. Dennis Heaton specifically followed up on what really happened to Alyssa, and how that story would've developed had The Order returned for Season 3.

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Alyssa was going to return from the dead, but much like bringing back someone with the Lazarus Pit in DC Comics, it wasn't going to be an easy process. One thing Dennis Heaton didn't reveal was whether or not Jack would be able to fix Alyssa's resurrection, or if he'd be faced with losing her once again after it became clear there was no saving her.

When the creator of a canceled series is willingly offering up details on the show's story following cancellation, it can be a sign that the odds of it ever returning are low. With that being said, I'm reminded of when Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson revealed how the show would've continued after Fox canceled the series on a cliffhanger. Lucifer ended up not only being picked up by Netflix after that reveal but got three additional seasons on the platform afterward.

With that being said, we can only wait and see if a network is interested in bringing The Order back to television. Fan efforts are already underway to help make it happen in the few short days since the cancellation, so we can only wait and see if a network looking to bring magic, murder, and mayhem will make the moves to make it happen.

The Order Season 1 and 2 are currently available to binge on Netflix. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in television as the year winds down, and for more news happening in movies as well.

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