When The Masked Singer Will Return With A New Special Holiday Episode

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The Masked Singer is a Wednesday night staple on Fox, so fans may be wondering why they aren't able to find it on the pre-Thanksgiving primetime schedule. The bad news: there is no new episode this Wednesday, but Fox does have some good news for fans who don't want to wait very long to see another episode. A new installment is set to air on Thanksgiving evening, with plenty of holiday surprises planned for both that episode and future installments.

The Thanksgiving episode of The Masked Singer will be talking turkey, as there's a promise the episode will fit the theme as Group C's Broccoli, Jellyfish, and Mushroom go head to head in a battle of the side dishes. (Not really.) SNL vet Jay Pharoah will be a guest panelist on the holiday episode, and for those who like I Can See Your Voice, get ready for a new episode of that freshman series to follow the turkey-tastic episode of Masked Singer.

On Wednesday, December 2, it will be back to business as usual as The Masked Singer heads into its "Super Six Semi-Finals." For that two-hour episode, only three contestants will escape the night unscathed, with Craig Robinson joining the panelists to help determine the identities of the remaining contestants.

Following that double-feature, the mystery contestants will be set for the finale, but The Masked Singer will actually take another day away from competition to put on another special event. That's right, the return of the "Holiday Sing-A-Long Special" is now set for Wednesday, December 9th, which may be good or bad news, depending on who's asked. Last year's sing-a-long was a pretty divisive spectacle, and some viewers expressed anger that the season's progress was delayed for a throwaway episode.

The holiday sing-a-long will have some all-new holiday performances, as well as a recap of some of the best performances from Season 4 to that point. If nothing else, it should at least be effective at making The Masked Singer fans full of the holiday spirit. Unless, of course, they want to skip out on that no-stakes installment to hold out for the finale. I'll personally give it another shot, assuming that the producers took notes from the audience complaints last year, in the hopes of trying to improve the final product.

Those who opt-out of the holiday sing-a-long will still get a chance to catch that Christmas spirit with a holiday-themed season finale. On Wednesday, December 16, the remaining finalists will perform for the Golden Mask Trophy, and one panelist will be awarded The Masked Singer's first Golden Ear Trophy for their guesswork. After that, it's a wrap on The Masked Singer for 2020, and fans will have to wait and see if the series will return in 2021 with Season 5. It's my personal hope that if the series does return in 2021, it'll be without the uncanny fake audience lining the stage.

As mentioned, The Masked Singer is all-new Thursday, November 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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