Cardi B Apologizes After Having Large Thanksgiving Gathering, But Says People Don't Have The Full Story

We're living in some very tense times right now, but even with everything that's been going on this year, all of us are trying to find ways to enjoy life and find some normalcy while still staying safe. A lot of folks were heartbroken over not being able to visit in person with extended family for Thanksgiving, and now rapper Cardi B has apologized after bragging about having a big gathering for the holiday, while noting that people who complained about her activities didn't truly have the full story.

Here's what happened. Just yesterday, Cardi B took to Twitter to talk about how much fun was had by her family during Thanksgiving festivities, noting that there were "12 kids and 25 adults" all hanging out together for the event. Obviously, virus numbers have been soaring, and meeting up in such a large group when you haven't already been quarantining with all of those people for at least a couple of weeks tends to be very dangerous. And, fans took Cardi to task for what they saw as reckless behavior. Now, though, she's apologized, and said that we really didn't have the whole story:

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Awww. A lot of us are feeling truly deprived right now when it comes to spending time with loved ones and celebrating milestones. For most people, everything from birthday gatherings to graduations, and baby showers to anniversary parties were totally off the table this year. That goes for celebrating the holidays, too, with it being a serious risk for anyone to get together. As Cardi said, being able to finally have her folks around her for Thanksgiving made her feel good and "uplifted," like it would for many people.

The big difference between us and Cardi B, though, is that she had the resources to make sure that everyone who came into her home, all 37 total adults and children, were tested and had negative results before being allowed to enter her home. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Cardi sent out her invitation, and told everyone to be prepared to submit to testing right outside of her home, just so she could be absolutely sure it was safe and no one would dare fudge their results. As she said in a later tweet, she is working right now, and can't take any chances:

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Even though Cardi B didn't specify what this work is that she's been doing recently, can you imagine the blowback if she'd had a huge gathering for Thanksgiving and not had everyone tested beforehand? Especially if she contracted the virus and then put the people she's currently working with at risk? While it sucks that we have to deal with this at all, and that most of us can't afford to take the steps that Cardi did before her holiday party, at least she made an honest attempt to take her responsibilities, and the health of everyone involved, seriously.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Cardi B soon, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. To see what you can watch on the small screen right now, checkout our guide to fall TV!

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