Cardi B Has No Interest In Being A 'Role Model'

Cardi B - "Money" Music Video

Oftentimes celebrities become role models, especially for a younger generation. When you are in the media's blaring spotlight, it can be hard to keep an entirely clean image. And your imperfections are often magnified and then criticized by a scorched masses. It can be difficult to be a celebrity, despite the wealth and fame it often affords. And Cardi B is certainly very famous. The "Money" rapper is at the current height of her career. And because of her prominent image, some people believe she should be a better role model, particularly for young folks. But frankly, Cardi B doesn't see it that way.

As she wrote on Twitter, Cardi B doesn't want to be a "role model." And she thinks people shouldn't expect that from her either. This is what the celebrity wrote online:

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Admittedly, Cardi B claims on Twitter that, for the past two years, she has been careful about what she says because "everybody" wants her to be a proper "role model." But in not being true to herself, Cardi B claims that she has been trapped since she isn't being true to her real self. And the effort to be a better role model has not done the musician any good since, in her view, "people still spit my past right in my face." Therefore, Cardi B fully intends to remain her old self.

It can be hard to balance the image you want to create for yourself and the image people expect you to have in the media, especially on social media. More often than not, these ideals contradict with one another; that's also the case for Cardi B. She can either be a better role model or remain true to herself. She's already very famous, and even if she tries to be a good role model, people feel the need to bring up Cardi B's less-than-moral past. Therefore, she doesn't feel the need to be anyone but herself. Whether people like it or not, that's exactly who Cardi B intends to be.

More specifically, Cardi B seems to be alluding to the controversy that spun a few weeks prior regarding some of her past comments. In a resurfaced video, Cardi B talked about taking men into hotels with the suggestion of sex, only to drug and rob them shortly thereafter. Shortly after the video made waves, Cardi B claimed she never said she was "perfect" and that she always "owns" her shit. This controversy soured her image in some people's view; when Cardi B talks about people "spitting" up the past, this recent backlash is seemingly what the artist is loosely referring to.

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