Everyone Needs To Hear Jeopardy's Theme Played Along With Cardi B's 'WAP'

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There have been a number of things about 2020 which have, frankly, sucked right out loud. But, even in hard times (or, maybe, especially in hard times) many of us are capable of pulling humor out of the ether and then disseminating it for our fellow man to behold, so that we all may revel in the giddiness which comes from such pursuits. All of that is to say, some mastermind edited together the lyrics from Cardi B's summer hit "WAP" and the music from Jeopardy's theme song, and you really have to hear it.

I can easily admit that I am almost never the first person to stumble upon the next big thing, but there are just some things which cannot be ignored, and, as of early last month, one of those things was "WAP." If you haven't heard the impressive hip-hop song, well, rest assured that it is the furthest from the Jeopardy theme as Cardi B or any other artist could get, so having the two mashed together results in a special joy that must be heard to be fully appreciated. Observe:

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LOL. This? This, my friends, is special. Is there some sort of on-going worldwide time capsule that we can put this video in? Because, and I'm 100% serious here, this is what aliens need to find in 10 billion years when our civilization is no more and they've come to scavenge the planet before the sun goes supernova and burns it to a crisp. I alone might not have the power to make this Cardi B / Jeopardy mashup go viral, but I can trust that everyone who watches will be entranced by it's calming yet filthy glory, and share it for all the world to see.

First of all, let's just take some time out to praise the very careful and thoughtful editing done by the genius who assembled this gem. I don't know what kind of musical savant could hear the closing run of the chorus to "WAP" and think, "Wait a minute...Jeopardy?" but that person has done a wonderful job of making the songs meld perfectly right through the end of the theme song, even slowing Cardi B down a bit to fit. But, my absolute favorite moment is when she says "Now from the top, make it drop" and that easy-going horn comes in. Truly, I might listen to this on a loop all day.

If the magnificent creator of this mashup was hoping to hit a home run right out of the gate, I'd say he / she / they certainly picked the right songs to play with. "WAP" has burned up the summer charts, despite it's very NSFW (and NSFRadio) content. The single, which is the first off of Cardi B's upcoming second studio album and also features Megan Thee Stallion, has both been praised for having women confidently (and explicitly) talk about their sexuality, and criticized for the very same thing. It debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, though, so it's pretty safe to say that most people are enjoying all the WAP talk.

On top of that, of course, is the Jeopardy theme music. The show is a classic, and the theme is iconic and easily recognized by pretty much everyone. Also, who doesn't love Jeopardy? Even if you don't watch everyday, you've probably seen few episodes and played along on occasion, so hearing Cardi B rap over the well-known tune is going to bring up some feelings for everyone. I know he's probably got a lot going on right now, but I'd love to hear what Alex Trebek thinks of this, wouldn't you?

My only wish for this combo is that the person or people behind it someday soon edit together the full version of "WAP" with a loop of the Jeopardy theme, thus continuing to help 2020 suck a little bit less. Alex Trebek will be back to host Season 37, starting today, September 14, so check your local listings for times. To see what else you can watch in the coming week, check out our fall TV guide!

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