Game of Thrones' The Mountain Is The New Colonel Sanders, And It's Awesome

KFC has been killing the advertising game for quite a while, whether it's by casting Reba McEntire as the first female Colonel, or by a Colonel cameo on General Hospital, and each marketing stunt has been a home run. We're expecting this to be a success as well, as the fast-food chain introduced a new Colonel Sanders that Game of Thrones fans will surely recognize: The Mountain actor Hafthor "Thor" Björnsson portrays the fried chicken icon in an awesome new video that only the world's strongest man could pull off.

"The Colonel" moved 700-ish lbs of Double Crispy Colonel Sandwiches like it was a daily routine. Not that any Game of Thrones fans or strongman contest followers should be surprised, but everyone should still be impressed by the fact that Hafthor Björnsson was able to accomplish this world record while donning the Colonel's classic white suit and pants, and without anything ripping! (At least in the final version.) On top of that, Björnsson doesn't even appear to have sweat through the suit by the video's end, which is something few people can achieve even without physical activity. I guess he wouldn't be The World's Strongest Man if he wasn't able to make moving incredibly heavy stuff look easy, right? Which includes himself.

Hafthor Björnsson's feat of strength is only half the allure of this video, however, since KFC introduced some fake lore to Colonel Sanders' history that included moving to Iceland to become a "strong man." And throughout, GoT fans are treated to hearing Björnsson speak, something his character is not known for in the HBO series. And some might've thought "The Hound" was the bigger fan of chicken out of the two Clegane brothers, but that's clearly up for debate now.

This internet video isn't the first time KFC has mixed its marketing with the Game of Thrones brand, as the U.K. enlisted the help of Kristen Nairn a year ago for a hilarious Hodor parody. Unfortunately, there's only a limited window for the company to continue to capitalize on these references, given the show is ending in 2019. I'm sure they'll find something else awesome to parody once that ship sails, though. Additionally, the world may not have to wait long until for a franchise spinoff on HBO, so KFC will probably ring up its Game of Thrones pitch person for more ideas on how to promote that chicken.

As mentioned, Season 8 of Game of Thrones is arriving on HBO at some point in 2019. For more on Hafthor Björnsson and his future on GoT, be sure to read up on the latest speculation involving the much-rumored Clegane-bowl, which is completely different from the bowl meals that KFC sells. For a look at some of the many television shows arriving in the months leading up to that, visit our summer and fall premiere guides.

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