Superstore: The 8 Greatest Amy And Jonah Moments So Far

amy jonah superstore greatest moments

America Ferrera announced that she was leaving Superstore after Season 5 back in February. However, the global pandemic got in the way of those plans and the actress wound up coming back for two more episodes in Season 6 before saying goodbye to viewers and to Ben Feldman's Jonah. It was a sad way to go, but that doesn't mean that the pair hasn't had their fair share of fantastic moments, including that one time they accidentally filmed a sex tape.

Over the course of the show, Amy and Jonah have had several false starts, but they eventually get it together at the very end of Superstore Season 3. While America Ferrera’s departure broke up the onscreen pairing, the news of cancellation was also disappointing and had me nostalgic for Amy and Jonah's past relationship moments. With the series ending after its sixth season, here is a look back at Amy and Jonah's eight greatest moments (unranked).

superstore amy jonah season 1 stars

Jonah Recreates The Night Sky For Amy

Jonah immediately formed a connection with Amy on his first day at Cloud 9. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, Amy revealed to Jonah that she’d been working at the retail store for so long that every day had become exactly like the day before. There were no more surprises, no more moments of beauty amid the monotony. However, Jonah made sure that Amy’s day wasn’t like before, and he recreated the night sky using glow stars. Suffice it to say that it took Amy’s breath away.

amy jonah superstore sexy season 2

Jonah Tells Amy She’s Sexy During Cheyenne’s Wedding

Jonah has always been supportive of Amy, even when they were just friends. Amy struggled to make things right with Adam for a couple of seasons, but the penultimate episode of Season 2 saw her in a vulnerable state and she admitted that her marriage was pretty much over to Jonah. To make her feel better, he lists all the characteristics he loves about her and calls her sexy. Of course, he was drunk at the time, but the revelation was genuine and subtly took their relationship a step further.

superstore amy jonah season 2 tornado kiss

Amy And Jonah Share Their First Kiss During A Tornado

Amy and Jonah’s romantic relationship was definitely in slow-burn, will they/won’t they territory throughout the first two seasons. However, their flirtation and feelings for each other came to a head in Superstore’s Season 2 finale. When a tornado hit Cloud 9, Amy and Jonah took shelter together. In a spur of the moment, Amy kissed Jonah believing they were about to die and the build up to it was filled with chemistry and two seasons' worth of sexual tension.

amy jonah golfing season 3

Amy and Jonah Celebrate Amy Asking For A Raise

Superstore Season 3 was a bit of a bummer in that Amy and Jonah’s relationship was on pause after that big tornado kiss. Amy still had some things to sort through and Jonah had moved on (I use “moved on” loosely) to Kelly. However, when Amy asked for a raise and was shut down, Jonah convinced her she should go for it. Suffice it to say that it doesn’t go well (Amy runs the district manager over with a golf cart), but it does lead to a great moment that involves playing some romantic golf together, laughing, and flirting with their eyes over some drinks.

amy jonah season 3 kiss

Amy Kisses Jonah After Finding Out She's Pregnant

Amy and Jonah's road to a happy ending was filled with some speed bumps. One of the biggest occurred in Season 3 after Amy discovers she's pregnant after a one-night stand with her ex Adam. Realizing that she's got nothing left to lose, she kisses Jonah (to his surprise) before leaving work and he quickly reciprocates. However, the moment is complicated further when she tells him the news and leaves him speechless.

amy jonah season 3 town hall sex scene

Amy And Jonah Have Sex On Camera

This has got to be one of the most iconic scenes in Season 3 of Superstore, if not the whole show. Jonah is mad that Amy kissed him right before dropping the pregnancy news and she tries to talk to him about it several times afterward. Everything comes to a head when they finally argue about what it all means and Jonah kisses Amy again. They're about to have sex, but what they don't realize is the cameras set up for the store's town hall-style meeting were still on and everyone saw them do it. Whoops!

amy jonah valentine's day I love you

Amy And Jonah Say I Love You For The First Time

Superstore's fourth season finally saw Amy and Jonah enter into a relationship and it was beautiful considering how long it took them to get there. They were moving at a steady pace when Valentine's Day rolled around. After they get into a heated argument, Amy is the first to shout that she loves Jonah and he returns the sentiment (and the shouting) in kind. Despite the setting, it was a perfect moment for them as a couple.

amy jonah season 5 california

Jonah Decides To Move To California To Be With Amy

When Amy first tells Jonah that she got a new job with Zephra, the corporation that owns Cloud 9, he wasn't too thrilled about it because he thought she was selling out. However, he quickly realized his error in judgement and supported her in taking the job. Meanwhile, Amy was surprised (and touched) that he would move all the way to California with her and the moment ends with some flirting, a gentle kiss, and the hope that things would be okay with them. It was also a tender moment between them that had largely gone missing in Superstore Season 5.

Of course, we know that Amy and Jonah end up breaking up early on in Season 6, but it was nice to think that their relationship would survive Amy's new job and move for a while there. With Season 6 being Superstore's last, I have hope that the lovebirds will get back together before all is said and done.

New episodes of Superstore Season 6 will return on Thursday, January 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC. For more on what to watch over the next few months, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring TV premiere schedule.

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