Kevin Hart Is Going Dramatic For New Netflix Show With An Awesome Co-Star

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After nearly 20 years of making audiences laugh with his signature high-volume storytelling and kinetic energy, comedian Kevin Hart is making a big tonal shift for one of his upcoming projects, and he's doing it on one of the biggest platforms available. Netflix announced today that it landed Hart as the star and executive producer for the new limited series True Story, for which the Jumanji and Ride Along star will put on display his more dramatic skillset.

What's more, Netflix also announced that Kevin Hart's big dramatic debut will be bolstered by Wesley Snipes, who has been tapped as Hart's co-lead in True Story. This will mark Snipes' return to Netflix, where he garnered acclaim in 2019 opposite Eddie Murphy for Dolemite Is My Name. Considering how fun that was, one would think that a Snipes/Hart showing would also rock the house, but this story obviously isn't on the flashy or silly side.

True Story – which, to be sure, is an entirely fictional tale – centers on Kevin Hart's Kid, who is one of the most famous stand-up comedians on the planet, while Wesley Snipes plays Kid's unpredictable older brother Carlton. Kid gets invested in a life or death situation when he makes a tour stop in his hometown of Philadelphia and spends a lost evening with his brother that could potentially lead to his complete downfall. Sounds like things get pretty hectic during that nighttime escapade.

True Story was written and executive produced by Eric Newman, the Narcos and Narcos: Mexico showrunner who is enjoying an overall TV deal with Netflix. Newman called the actor pair a "dream team" in his statement, and that he's "absolutely thrilled" to be working with them. Newman will also be executive producing alongside Hart and Charles Murray, a writer and/or EP for such shows as Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Considering Newman and Murray have worked on some truly high-octane action dramas in the past, it stands to reason that True Story might tap into similar kinds of hectic thrills to boost the dramatic beats.

Kevin Hart, who admitted to being diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year, had this to say about the Netflix series' announcement:

I’ve never been more excited about an acting project in my career. I’ve always been a fan of Wesley Snipes and working with him is mind-blowing. Having HartBeat Productions at the helm and working alongside Eric Newman as a partner and creative arm has been unreal, nobody is ready for what this show is going to be.

Elsewhere on the creative side of things is Stephen Williams, the Emmy-winning Watchmen director and EP who helmed arguably the best episode of the season, which focused on all those big Hooded Justice reveals. Williams will be directing the first four episodes of True Story's season. Meanwhile, Star Trek: Discovery and Picard vet Hanelle M. Culpepper will be lending her directing talents for the final four episodes of the season.

At this time, True Story doesn't yet have any kind of release window set up at Netflix, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information as it becomes available. While waiting to hear more, head to our 2020 Fall TV schedule and our 2021 Winter and Spring premiere guide.

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