Marvel's Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Will Drop Your Jaw With Aerial Action

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally intended to premiere in 2020, but was pushed back like many other shows that had to halt production earlier this year. The wait isn't over yet, and it won't be the first original Marvel Cinematic Universe show to debut on Disney+, but a new trailer reveals a cinematic event with some jaw-dropping aerial action. Just prepare yourself for something epic before you watch!

The trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (seen above) reveals Sam and Bucky's dynamic following Steve Rogers passing on the Captain America shield, and it's already clear that they haven't lost their penchant for banter. That said, the action is also so epic that I would have believed this to be a trailer for a big screen MCU film rather than a TV show coming to Disney+.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige spoke at the Disney Investor Day 2020 presentation, and he dropped some details about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that should get MCU fans more excited than ever about the upcoming show:

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier features two recognizable superheroes last seen together in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame. Sam Wilson, a.k.a. the Falcon is played by Anthony Mackie, and Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, is played by Sebastian Stan. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a cinematic experience. It's a Marvel Studios movie, played out over six episodes.

Kevin Feige also revealed that the show will premiere in March 2021, just a couple of months after WandaVision launches as the Disney streamer's first original MCU series. The six-episode run doesn't make it the longest show in Marvel history, but it does explain why The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks so cinematic. It sounds like this show could be watched either over six weeks with individual episodes, or binge-watched like one extra-long movie after all the episodes released.

The trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also suggests that there could be more humor coming out of Sam and Bucky's series than WandaVision and Loki, both of which have also released trailers. Of course, the focus of the WandaVision footage so far has been mostly on the surreal nature of whatever is happening to Wanda, so there could well be plenty of humor, and it's hard to imagine a show about the God of Mischief not delivering some laughs. Still, the Sam/Bucky dynamic from the movies seems to have carried forward into the Disney+ show.

Disney+ is going to be packed with MCU film stars in the coming years, following in the footsteps of those appearing in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. Samuel L. Jackson's series has been confirmed, and the She-Hulk series (which is starring Tatiana Maslany after all) is bringing in Mark Ruffalo. For now, you can find plenty of MCU content (including the best of Sam Wilson as Falcon and Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier) streaming on Disney+, and look forward to the MCU series debuting next year.

Laura Hurley
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