What The Wilds’ Cast And Creator Want To See If Amazon Renews It For Season 2

Mia Healey and Sophia Ali as Shelby and Fatin in The Wilds
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Spoilers are ahead for Season 1 of The Wilds, streaming on Amazon Prime.

After ten episodes of The Wilds, fans are left with more questions than we started with, and there's no saying how long the wait will be before we get some answers, if at all. One downside of binge television is that you can spend ten straight hours getting to know characters and then are just left hanging, often with no idea if it’s headed to become the next nearly-immortal Supernatural or another one of the many TV cancellations we’ve seen in 2020.

In the case of The Wilds, it’s only been out for about a week. So “too soon to say” would be the right determination. But sometimes when shows really dazzle on the viewership front, studios like Amazon will be quick to greenlight for more episodes. Based on CinemaBlend’s conversation with the creator and cast behind the survival series, there’s definitely the hope and willingness to keep the show rolling. The Wilds’ creator Sarah Streicher (who was previously a writer on Marvel fan-favorite Daredevil), had this to say:

I have some plans, [executive producer] Amy [Harris] and I talk about it a lot. There are things that are coalescing and hopefully we get a chance to realize them.

Of course the biggest question on our minds is just how long the eight women will remain on the island and secret social experiment. By the end of the first season, I thought there would be some closure regarding how and when they ended up getting interrogated in this strange bunker they are in a future timeline. But we still have no idea. I spoke to some of the main cast about what they’d like to see from their characters following Season 1, if Amazon renews the show. Here’s what Sarah Pidgeon (Leah) had to say:

I’d like to see Leah hone that inner voice that she has, because sometimes it can take her down the right path and also I’m just curious as to see what happens with her and Jeff, how she leaves this island a different person and how that affects the view that she has about this relationship that was a lot of tunnel vision for some of her time in high school. And I just want to see them take the man down – not necessarily Jeff, but with whatever is going on.

Leah’s tragic lost love was a huge plot point of The Wilds, particularly because the show itself is inspired by the creator’s own breakup. For most of the season, she was really mourning someone she deeply cared about to points of delirium, since she was on a random island. Sarah Pidgeon wants to see how that relationship progresses or gets closed following the events on the island. And, same girl. Same. Now let’s move to the island’s blooming romance, Mia Healey and Erana James’ Shelby and Toni. In Healey’s words:

I think she puts a lot of pressure on herself and has a lot of people in her life, especially back home that put a lot of pressure on her to be a certain person and fit a certain mold. In Season 1, you can see that she’s struggling with that and trying to break out of that a little bit, but I would love to see her make decisions in the future that help her, benefit her and make her feel good.

Throughout Season 1, Shelby is hiding who she is and feeling really uncomfortable in her own skin. But once she and Toni connect, there’s some sweet hope for the coupling. The Aussie actress sounds like she just wants to see her character happy, echoed by Erana James:

I would love to see Toni just continue to grow and not approach things with as much fire as she has previously. I want her to hold onto her spirit and her passion, but learn the lesson that destruction is maybe not the best pathway.

The first season of The Wilds really allowed us to get to know each of these teens' traumas, which they are all actively going through and being tested with. Now that they are starting to lean on each other and find some growth within their time on the island, we’re certainly curious to see their characters grow and where that whole female society plot line is going. Here’s what Jenna Clause said:

I’m excited to see Martha mentally grow. I think once she accepts what has happened to her, that’s when her healing process can start and I want to see how she goes from the first episode to the second season.

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