90 Day Fiance's Jovi Calls Out Friend For Sharing His Stripper Secrets With Yara

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90 Day Fiancé episode "The Real You." Read at your own risk!

A recent 90 Day Fiancé episode wasn't a great look for Jovi Dufren, as Yara Zaya learned some fairly unsavory things about her lover. Yara went out on a spa day with Jovi's friend Sara, who divulged to Yara that Jovi had quite a reputation with strippers in the area. Sara said Jovi was on a first-name basis with dancers at a local club, and had even slept with some of them in the past.

Now that the episode has aired, with clips from that segment re-airing on Discovery+'s spinoff 90 Day Bares All, Jovi Dufren sent out a message for his friend Sara. In a short-and-soured Instagram story, Jovi called out his friend for unearthing that part of his past and letting Yara know some things about him he may have rather kept in the dark. In his words:

I just wanna say thanks Sara for putting all of my business out there and telling everything you know about me. Yeah, let's just say shit got real about the strippers. Not good.

90 Day Bares All actually showed an additional scene from the episode, in which Yara spoke with Jovi over the phone about the stripper debacle. Yara got heated with Jovi, who denied that he ever full-on slept with any of the dancers. When the clip ended, host Shaun Robinson asked Jovi's friend Sara if she could name any specific instances, and she claimed to have only attended a strip club with Jovi one time. When pressed for more details, Sara did admit she knows a lot more about Jovi's past that Yara Zaya probably wouldn't appreciate, but felt that Jovi should be the one to share, and that it wasn't her place any longer.

Jovi Dufren probably appreciated that sentiment, though he likely wished Sara took that stance BEFORE telling Yara and the 90 Day Fiancé fandom that he might have slept with a stripper who knew him by his first name, Cheers-style. Yara wasn't thrilled to learn about that part of Jovi's past, but truth be told, a sizable amount of her anger was sparked over another bit of information involving Jovi's ex getting so drunk that she peed in his bed. Here's how Yara put it:

I was not thinking that Jovi could be with somebody who would pee on the bed. That sound, for me, too much crazy. That's really honestly crazy, it's not normal!

Fortunately, 90 Day spoilers seem to make it clear that neither sex workers nor other past problems have permanently impacted Jovi and Yara's marriage plans. There's evidence that the two possibly wed in Las Vegas, along with some hints online that the couple may have even welcomed a daughter late in 2020. I'm sure neither of those facts will be confirmed until it's no longer a spoiler for them to do so, and in the meantime, we can enjoy any drama with them on the show.

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