Jane Krakowski's Denial Of Romance With MyPillow CEO Is An A+

Jane Krakowski in Dickinson

Rumors are a part of the territory when it comes to being a celebrity, and actor Jane Krakowski has become the latest subject of such when it comes to her romantic life. The latest word had her dating MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, with the odd pairing allegedly seeing each other for months. But, as those romance rumors began spreading, Jane Krakowski took a moment to release a top-notch denial of said love affair with the MyPillow CEO.

The reported romance between Jane Krakowski and Mike Lindell was just a rumor, though. According to Page Six, which reached out to the actor for comments on the reputed relationship, her representative gave the publication a hilarious denial in response that you really should read for yourself in order to fully enjoy. Take a look:

Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise. She is, however, in full fledged fantasy relationships with Brad Pitt, Regé-Jean Page and Kermit the Frog and welcomes any and all coverage on those.

Jane Krakowski’s hilarious denial fell right in line with her signature comedic timing. She even made the effort to mention her undying affection for Kermit the Frog. The actor might have some competition for Kermit's affections, as he and Miss Piggy has been in a longstanding relationship for decades. Krakowski revealed another secret about herself - being a fan of the internet's favorite new heartthrob, Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page. She might need to jump on the Page train before he ends up becoming the next James Bond or a high-flying superhero. At that point, it may be game over when it comes to Page even having much free time for IRL romance.

Apparently, this all got started when The Daily Mail alleged that Jane Krakowski and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had been engaged in a nine-month romance. The publication reported the romance had started on the set of a television show, with him supposedly wooing the actor for over a year before the two started dating. Sources claimed that the romance caught friends off guard, given that Krakowski and the multi-millionaire businessman have differing political beliefs. It was said that Krakowski ended the tumultuous relationship with the recognizable CEO in the summer 2020, leaving him devastated.

Jane Krakowski’s comedic timing has been honed during a career that spans four decades, so it's no surprise that she was able to come up with a witty retort. The actor recently came off the success of the Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Within the past year, she has starred in the animated Netflix film The Willoughbys and the AppleTV+ series Dickinson with Hailee Steinfield. In 2020, Krakowski reunited with her 30 Rock co-stars for a special, which some stations chose not to air. Her work has garnered a Tony Award and multiple SAG Awards along with Emmy nominations.

While Jane Krakowski and Mike Lindell’s alleged romance came out of nowhere, and would have made for strange bedfellows given their differing views, at least Krakowski is taking it all in stride and gave fans what might be the best romance denial ever offered by a celebrity. If you want to see more of the actor’s comedic impulses at work, you can check out Dickinson on AppleTV+, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix and 30 Rock on Peacock.

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