Chicago P.D.: Is There Hope For Burzek After All Despite Devastating Loss?

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Chicago P.D. Season 7 hasn't been easy for Burgess, Ruzek, or Burzek fans. Although Burgess and Ruzek hooked up after the big "Infection" crossover, her unplanned pregnancy definitely complicated things, and her brutal miscarriage left them both reeling. Although their confrontation in the recent crossover with Chicago Fire delivered the Burzek scene we've been waiting for, there was still an awful lot of tension. Now, it turns out that hope may not be lost thanks to a scene from the upcoming March 4 episode.

Here's what happens. The March 4 episode of Chicago P.D., called "Intimate Violence," will feature at least one scene between just Burgess and Ruzek, and it definitely won't be as confrontational as what happened in the crossover's locker room scene. In this scene, Burgess will give Ruzek some hockey tickets as her way of saying thank you for everything he did when she was pregnant and then with the miscarriage.

She shared that she feels he's been with her "this whole way," and the silence lasted long enough that she started to feel it was weird that she got him hockey tickets, but he sincerely thanked her. Oh, and there was plenty of gazing going on. Mostly from Ruzek's side, which is understandable. This is the most open Burgess has been with him since the miscarriage, aside from her breakdown during the crossover. Maybe Burgess won't totally bury herself in her work after all!

"Intimate Violence" may seem more likely to deliver substance on the Upstead front, but fans can count on at least a little Burzek. But will there be more than this one scene? Take a look at what's in store with this sneak peek:

This scene suggests that Burzek fans don't need to despair that Chicago P.D. will just leave them to wonder about the state of their relationship after Ruzek refused to be mad at her even as she was mad at herself for what led to the miscarriage.

That's not to say that they'll start pursuing a relationship of any sort in the coming episodes, since the previous week proved there's still a lot of hurt, and Burgess' final scene with Roman in the crossover didn't exactly point toward her dealing with her grief in the healthiest way. Then again, would this really be Chicago P.D. if the cops of Intelligence were emotionally healthy?

Speaking of which, "Intimate Violence" will force Upton to reckon with her childhood and Halstead will butt heads with Voight, so emotions should be running high on at least the Upstead front. Burzek might get a break from the drama in this episode while Upton and Halstead deal with their own demons.

Find out when the "Intimate Violence" episode of Chicago P.D. Season 7 airs on Wednesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC as the third hour of the super successful One Chicago block, which was just renewed for a whopping three more seasons. Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET before P.D. Jay Halstead will drop by the March 4 episode of Med, so be sure to tune in all night if you want to catch all the P.D. action.

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