Friendly Reminder That National Treasure's Diane Kruger And The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Are Dating

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus and his partner Diane Kruger have been officially dating since 2017, but you may not have known it or forgotten as they’re good at flying under the radar as far as celebrities are concerned. Reedus and the National Treasure star are pretty private, despite being a pretty powerful Hollywood couple. The two have now made it through isolation together strong as ever, making for a lot more personal inside looks to their life together, and in the process, reminding us all that they're dating.

Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger are both pretty active on social media but, as active as they are, they don’t share very many looks into their personal life as compared to many other celebrities who actively post to social media. On Valentine’s Day though, Kruger shared a very loving image of the couple to her Instagram with the short, but beautifully sentimental, caption of “To Love. Always”, tagging Reedus:

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Even though fans may not be constantly reminded that the stars are an item, they love seeing the couple together. Fans are adoring the intimate photo of Diane Kruger with partner Norman Reedus, as the post has what seem like hundreds of heart emojis in the comments.

The couple are not the only ones fans love seeing together, though. Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger share a daughter and, although they have been even more private where she is concerned, they do post the occasional photo involving her, much to the delight of their social media followers.

And when we say glimpses, we mean it! The photos of the couple’s daughter usually only involve her hands or feet and very rarely have we seen her face. Diane Kruger has even chastised paparazzi on the occasion they have released images of their child, asking fans not tot share images in order to maintain the privacy of the child. The couple’s daughter is going on 3-years-old and is so shielded from the fame of her parents that her name has not yet been released to the public.

Norman Reedus and Diane Krugers’ dedication to privacy is worthy of applause and wonder, considering they are still able to actively bring their personalities to the public through their social media. Both celebrities have unique personas surrounding them, which is maybe what makes them such a great couple, and it really shines through o their Instagrams. Reedus’ in particular can be a bit odd, if you don’t count the awesome The Walking Dead behind-the-scenes posts.

It’s also a wonder how Norman Reedus is maintaining a pretty private personal life, as the actor’s career has blown up since his time on The Walking Dead. He plays a huge fan-favorite character and one of the only key characters to be created for the show that does not appear in the comic. And there’s not an immediate end in sight for that Daryl Dixon hype he has going for him. The end of the OG The Walking Dead series may be looming, but Reedus is one of the cast members who has secured his own spinoff.

While Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger should be commended for their efforts to keep their lives their own, it's nice to get a peek into their life together every once in a while. Kruger’s Valentine’s Day post is a lovely reminder that she and Reedus are together and strong as ever, despite their lack of constant internet family photos and the recent pandemic isolation that many couples must deal with. If only there would have been a mini Norman Reedus foot sneaking into the picture, then we would have had a decent family photo.

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