My Big Fat Fabulous Life: How Are Whitney And Chase Doing After Messy Reunion Finale?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for My Big Fat Fabulous Life's Season 8 finale, "The Skinny." Read at your own risk!

It's been a whirlwind season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and if ever there was one where fans needed answers, it was here. The tell-all Season 8 finale delivered in some ways, and of course, got pretty messy when the topic of Chase Severino was brought up. Now that viewers have seen his and Whitney Way Thore's reunion and heard Whitney read that text near the end, they may be curious about what's going on with the two.

For anyone thinking that text with Chase telling Whitney he "travels a lot for work" meant that the two may still have a shot at getting back together, it didn't seem to happen. Chase revealed recently that he's still with the mother of his child, and while he intentionally keeps details about her off the internet, he did mention recently that she is his girlfriend. The reason he may not want fans to know more than that may be the vile messages wishing ill on him and his child that some who watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life have been sending. Chase shared a gallery of these messages with others, and they're pretty rough to read.

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Obviously, much of the hatred stems from My Big Fat Fabulous Life's story in Season 8 on Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore's broken engagement. A majority of the season focused on Whitney's recovery from the devastating infidelity by Chase and gained the star much sympathy in the process. Whitney, meanwhile, has struggled on camera to cope with the betrayal by Chase, to the point she stepped away from the tell-all because of the stress it caused her.

Again, this tell-all was filmed before the present day, in which things seem to be a bit better between Chase and Whitney. Whitney actually appeared in the comments of Chase's recent post and shared a message with him and fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

I wish I could be surprised, but I’m not in the slightest, having endured the same shit for the last 7 years. The worst part is that these people think they’re doing this from some moral high ground or even on my behalf which is insane. I am so sorry and I am cheering you on and very proud of and happy for the man you’ve become!

This isn't the first time in recent months that Whitney Way Thore has asked fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life to lay off of Chase Severino, though with Season 8 finally over, perhaps the drama will simmer. It certainly seems like the two are both in better places in life and can have a civil public dialogue without drama. I think that's more than enough growth on both of their parts, and while it's not a reconciliation or ultimate revenge story, that they can interact without much drama certainly shows improvement.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is done with Season 8 at TLC, so now the wait begins to see when or if the network will bring it back for another season. Share your favorite moments from the season below, and for more on the series, read up on the whole drama that happened with Ryan Andreas that the tell-all completely skipped over.

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