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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Why Ryan Was Right To Be Mad At Whitney

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life episode "Weight-Loss Surgery." Read at your own risk!

Whitney Way Thore was still reeling from her fight with Ryan Andreas in the previous My Big Fat Fabulous Life episode, in which she told him she was thinking of leaving Charlotte and moving back to Greensboro. Whitney became mad when Ryan said he wasn't sure if they could continue to work together with her in Greensboro, which left an ultimatum for the duo's business on the table.

This week's episode showed the two finally reconcile, as well as plenty of evidence that Ryan had every right to be upset. While Whitney told the cameras she was beginning to see Ryan's point and give Charlotte more of a chance before leaving back for Greensboro, she was also making moves to prepare for severing ties with him. Whitney visited her trainer Jessica Powell, and in a fairly blunt conversation, asked her if she'd be willing to take Ryan's role in the business.

Jessica agreed, and as those who have checked out the No BS Active website as of late know, she is currently Whitney Way Thore's business partner. In hindsight, it seems like Whitney had already laid out plans to cut Ryan out of their business, all while making it appear on camera like she was committed to giving him and Charlotte another shot.

And really, Whitney Way Thore giving Charlotte a shot was built on a lot of contingencies. Whitney only said she'd sign the lease if friend Buddy Bell committed to living in Charlotte as well, and he had already told her he was hoping to head back to Greensboro. Buddy wanted to be there for his friend, but he's still paying for a place back in Greensboro. Take that plus her Greensboro friends further pressuring Whitney to drop Ryan and move home, and it seems like the partnership never really had a chance.

Honestly, it seems like the partnership was doomed from the moment Chase Severino revealed to Whitney Way Thore that he got another woman pregnant. Whitney, understandably so, would like to cut her ex out of her life, and Ryan Andreas is unfortunately caught in the crossfire being the best friend of Chase who went into business with her.

The problem is that, to this point, My Big Fat Fabulous Life has spent more time focusing on the other unsavory elements of Whitney's relationship with Ryan, which doesn't feel fair to him overall. It's not really his fault that he's attached to Chase or that Whitney's friends don't like him,

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