iCarly Is On Netflix Now, But Some Fans Still Aren't Happy

Netflix always has a new title to click on, but sometimes all we’re looking for is a dose of nostalgia. Just recently the service reminded fans of a childhood favorite, Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Last week, the TV show arrived on the streamer and has quickly become among Netflix’s most popular titles (currently holding at No. 2). But fans have a little problem with iCarly being on Netflix.

The sitcom starring Miranda Cosgrove aired for six seasons and nearly 100 episodes, but only two seasons are available on Netflix. Some fans took to Twitter to share their frustration about how the Nickelodeon show dropped on the site:

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Netflix has long been a place for comfort shows, but not everyone’s favorite is on the service, with iCarly as just the latest example. The Office was a staple on Netflix before the show was moved to NBCUniversal’s service Peacock. Many of us are used to a long binge, but there’s only about 40 episodes of iCarly available. Here’s another reaction:

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Netflix offering only some of iCarly feels more like a tease than the full meal for fans, especially as they anticipate the reboot coming to Paramount+ sometime in the future. Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress recently reunited on the set of the iCarly revival, which is currently being filmed. It only makes the pain worse when the short binge ends over on Netflix:

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The beauty of a sitcom like iCarly is getting to see the characters grow up to the very end. The series had a ton of iconic moments, but one that will be lost on Netflix viewers will be the One Direction episode, which did not happen until the fifth season:

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The One Direction episode of iCarly, along with more of the show, is available elsewhere on CBS All Access, which provides five out of six seasons. The Amazon Prime add-on NickHits is the only streaming service that has the entirety of the series. In March, CBS All Access will rebrand to Paramount+, which will become the home of the iCarly revival.

With that in mind, don’t expect to see any more seasons of iCarly heading to Netflix. Similarly, Nickelodeon’s Victorious only has three seasons out of four seasons on Netflix. As CBS All Access transitions to a more prominent streaming service with Paramount+, it may be the right place for Nickelodeon to drop all six seasons of iCarly and pair with the upcoming revival. Paramount+ launches on March 4, with the new SpongeBob movie streaming there on day one.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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