S.W.A.T’s Shemar Moore Opens Up About His Late Mother And Why His Home Is A Tribute To Her

Shemar Moore

2020 was a year of ups and downs for S.W.A.T’s Shemar Moore. His CBS drama was renewed for a fourth season in May 2020 but, earlier in the year, the actor suddenly lost his mother. Her passing was devastating for the star, and he recently opened about her and why he decided to make his home a tribute to her.

Shemar Moore and her mother, Marilyn, shared a close bond, especially since she raised the actor as a single mother. Moore’s mother was a huge presence throughout his career, accompanying him to numerous red carpet events. He also spoke about his relationship with her in numerous interviews over the years. Recently, the S.W.A.T. star did an interview with People, during which he discussed his new home. He also talked about getting his mother’s approval before her sudden passing:

I brought my mom to the house. She looked around and then she said, 'This is my son's home. I'm proud of you, Boo. And I hope it gives you a great life.'

Upon getting her approval, Shemar Moore began the process of purchasing the house. Soon after giving her thoughts, his mother died, and the actor has since decided to dedicate his home to her memory. He spoke on how her absence is still felt within his new place:

My house is beautiful, but it's empty without her. There's always going to be that void. But I'm doing my best to make it me, to make it my mother's son's home.

Like any son, Shemar Moore’s love and dedication to his mother remains, despite the fact that she's no longer with him physically. Filling his home with mementos and photographs of her still allows her to remain a part of the house. All in all, his new home is not only a symbol of his Hollywood success but a sanctuary meant to honor the memory of the mother who did so much for him.

To say Shemar Moore experienced a 2020 would be an understatement. He lost his mother in Jan. 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Hollywood. Later in the year, the actor caught COVID-19 himself right before the holiday season. Moore did keep his fans updated about his diagnosis on social media while quarantining. After self-quarantining, he shared a message to fans, in which he revealed his negative status before returning to the S.W.A.T. set. Moore’s COVID diagnosis led to the CBS drama pausing production on Season 4. The series’ fourth season, which premiered back in November, was heavily influenced by its lead actor.

Many can only hope and strive for the kind of mother-son bond Shemar Moore and his mother Marilyn. Dedicating his home to his mother’s memory was just another way to show that unbreakable bond. And it doesn't matter whether or not his late mother is physically present, because she will always be a part of his life.

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