John Stamos Congratulates Elizabeth Olsen On WandaVision With Adorable Full House Throwback Picture

WandaVision’s homages to classic sitcoms were a fun trip down memory lane for many Marvel fans. One homage really got to fans, as series stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany paid tribute to 1980s sitcoms such as Family Ties and Full House in Episode 5. Knowing Olsen’s history with the latter show made the episode even more special. And ahead of WandaVision's finale, Full House’s John Stamos decided to post a sweet throwback photo with the Marvel star to celebrate the occasion.

Elizabeth Olsen's connection to Full House is, of course, through her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who became superstars on the back of the popular show. As a result, the WandaVision star spent many years on the set of the family-friendly sitcom. Since WandaVision was first announced, Olsen has opened up a bit about what it was like to grow up around the set, though we haven't gotten to see any actual mementos from that time until now. John Stamos decided to post a throwback photo of Olsen and himself from the Full House set on Instagram. Check out the sweet photo of a young Olsen with Stamos below:

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Seeing a cute Elizabeth Olsen with John Stamos is sure to give Full House and WandaVision fans all the feels. It's a true evidence of just how much of an impact Full House had on the young Olsen's life. The photo was also a nice nod to the connection and love Stamos still has for Olsen and her sisters. In some ways, it kind of makes you wish the Olsen twins hadn't opted not to participate in the Netflix reboot Fuller House.

Needless to say, WandaVision’s throwback nature allowed Elizabeth Olsen to get in on the sitcom fun, and being around the Full House set appeared to have rubbed off on the MCU star. She did an excellent job playing into all the 1980s and 1990s family sitcom tropes without going into satire. The actress eased right into each joke without much trouble. But the family connection for WandaVision goes beyond Full House.

Fans learned a number of new things as WandaVision unfolded, with even Elizabeth Olsen's mother learning that Olsen's Wanda isn't known as the "Red Witch." But seriously, the series finale surprised many fans with where it left many of its characters at the end. All in all, the series managed to open the door for both Wanda Maximoff and Monica Rambeau’s futures in the MCU. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2, it'll be fun to see how things continue to develop for the new heroes.

John Stamos’ throwback picture with Elizabeth Olsen is certainly a full-circle moment not only for the actress but for WandaVision as well. While the Marvel series appears to have reached its conclusion, let's hope Marvel Studios doesn't give up on the idea of utilizing sitcoms again.

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