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What Marvel's Cloak And Dagger Was Planning For Brigid And Mayhem In Season 3

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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger and many other Marvel shows had big plans for the future but, unfortunately, many of them were canceled when the television branch folded, and Marvel Studios took the reins on programming. While the odds of fans seeing those scrapped plans on television feel slim to nil at the moment, it also means nothing is stopping the show's stars from sharing plans on what was intended to happen. Now, one Cloak & Dagger star has spilled the beans on what was to come for Bridgid O'Reiley and Mayhem in Season 3.

Emma Lahana recently spoke to about her character Brigid, who in Season 2 had really come into her own as her alternate persona Mayhem. Lahana shared a good deal of what the plan was for her character and talked about an exciting romance that was just around the corner for her Cloak & Dagger character:

Yes, I did! I know a little bit of what was in store, and it was such a bummer as it felt like a premature ending for all of us. If you’re familiar with the character Mina Hess, played by Ally Maki, our characters were going to end up being in a relationship. She goes missing in the final episode, so the third season was going to be about finding her and then this relationship that develops between Brigid/Mayhem and Mina. I was really bummed because it was so great working with Ally, and we didn’t get to do that much together. We were really looking forward to exploring that!

Emma Lahana being so forthcoming with scrapped Cloak & Dagger Season 3 plans is exciting, though also a bit of a bummer for fans. I can't imagine many Marvel fans were holding onto hope that the Freeform series would get some revival but, if a star on the show feels that comfortable in talking about what would've happened on the show had it been renewed, it's usually a sign there's no chance of it ever returning.

With that being said, just because Cloak & Dagger the show is dead doesn't necessarily mean its characters are. We know Marvel Studios intends to use Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool despite rumors it will ultimately re-introduce mutants to the MCU. It's also rumored that Charlie Cox could reprise his role as Daredevil, despite the cancellation of the Netflix series.

If those actors can return, Emma Lahana could one day return as Mayhem. That said, the chances feel greater Marvel would call on Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph first to play Cloak and Dagger but, as I said, you never know! Marvel only recently started telling its story for Phase 4 and beyond, and I'm sure there are many surprises on the way.

Cloak & Dagger is done at Freeform, but its two seasons can be streamed on Hulu. The series did a good job at nodding to other Marvel television that was running at the time, so check it out and read up on how it made some of those surprising connections happen here.

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