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Watch Wendy Williams Hilariously Fart And Burp At The Same Time On Talk Show

It's been a while (relatively speaking) since talk show host Wendy Williams inspired headlines with her TV antics and social media feuds, which is kinda hard to believe now that we're three months deep into 2021. But never fear, for the celeb and Masked Singer vet was in full form while recording an episode this week, and Williams was in the middle of talking when she accidentally burped and farted at the same time. Cue the fireworks.

Check out the video clip below, which pinpoints exactly when Wendy Williams passed gas from both ends of her body, and then shows off her reaction, which is a mixture of 5% shame and 95% "let's move on from this setback right quick, and I don't want to see anybody sniffing." Check it out in the tweet below, and try not to laugh like an immature hooligan.

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I cannot lie, I am fully into the hyperbole of the tweet above, only I think it's less breaking "news" than breaking "wind," amirite? People like to say talk show hosts are full of hot air, but this is ridiculous. Aayyyy.

It's legitimately amusing to watch this situation play out, too. Wendy Williams was in her usual mode of talking shit about big celebrities and their relationships, with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian locked into her crosshairs. Williams talked about West being messed up in the head and needing a lot of therapy, while also saying she bets that Kardashian has 5 or so boyfriends behind her husband's back, even while acknowledging that no such proof exists. And it's as if gossip karma was a provable concept, as it isn't long before Williams belches, and then before she can realize it, her butt was competing for noise supremacy.

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While it's amusing to poke fun at Wendy Williams for a scene that would have made tons of other people in this world crawl under a nuclear bunker to get away from people, perhaps it makes more sense to wonder why this kind of thing doesn't happen constantly. I mean, it was only a year ago when Williams was defending herself and saying she didn't fart on the air, even though it appeared to be 100% true.

Wendy Williams and her DGAF nature were at the center of a Lifetime Original movie called Wendy Williams: The Movie, as well as the TV documentary Wendy Williams: What a Mess!, but I think we can all agree the producers missed out by not just making those movies feature-length burp-farts. Maybe VH1 can step up to handle whatever follow-up project might come out of this: Wendy Williams: What a Mess Still! or Wendy Williams: What Messes! However it goes, you can catch the ever-popular talk show host gabbing about gossip and celebrities every weekday morning in syndication.

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