Wendy Williams Has ‘No Regrets’ And Is Living Her ‘Best Life’ Since Divorce

Ciera Peyton as Wendy Williams in Wendy Williams: The Movie

Wendy Williams has been through a lot in the recent years. From living in a sober house to later announcing a hiatus from her talk show, the host has been quite candid with her fans since living her life in the public eye. Lifetime recently created a biopic and documentary where Williams gets to tell her life story on her own terms. The films both go into detail of the defining traumas and celebratory moments that Williams has experienced. Wendy Williams has no regrets in her life, including her marriage and divorce.

The Lifetime biopic titled Wendy Williams: The Movie and documentary titled Wendy Williams: What a Mess! both chronicle the talk show host’s relationship with Kevin Hunter. The two were married for quite some time, have a child together, and had both a personal and professional relationship as he managed much of her career. I recently attended a Q&A in support of the films where Wendy Williams shared how she felt about revisiting tough moments like her ex-husband’s affairs. Here’s what she said:

Well, [revisiting hard moments for the film] wasn't tough at all. Actually, the life that I'm living right now, is my best life and I have no guilt about saying that. I don't regret meeting Kevin. I don't regret falling in love. I don't regret staying with him for all 25 years, 21 of them married. And I like who I am, so I have no regrets. I mean if anything, I'm extremely happy that I'm still relevant enough that on Monday morning after our Saturday event, that I'm able to come through some pretty kick behind double doors and say how you doin’ and still be young, fun and pop culture relevant.

Leave it to Wendy Williams to be so refreshingly honest and up on that self-love game. Ciera Peyton gives an excellent performance as Williams in Wendy Williams: The Movie. She captures the bubbly personality Williams had when she first burst onto the radio scene, the no-nonsense vibe of knowing her worth and not letting anyone stop her, and the more vulnerable moments of her miscarriages and sexual assault. Wendy Williams has often said that she is her own best friend, and the movie also explores her childhood and gives some background into how she learned to protect and love herself so well.

The feature film has a bit more dramatic flair, but the documentary is a great companion piece. Following the Lifetime Original Movie, Lifetime will air Wendy Williams: What a Mess! which features Williams herself, speaking straight to camera and offering more personal insight into the events shown throughout Wendy Williams: The Movie. She discusses the decision not to name the man who assaulted her and her battles with addiction and body image, to name a few. Her authenticity is part of what makes Wendy Williams so loved by so many. Fans will enjoy the inside look at her life.

Both films premiere Saturday, January 30th on Lifetime. I am awe of the strength and candor of Wendy Williams and how she’s refused to let any number of negative experiences break her. For more celebrity documentaries, check out Tiger on HBO Max or Miss Americana on Netflix.

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