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S.W.A.T.'s Chris Is 'Struggling Mightily' After The Big Death, So How Will Street Help?

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S.W.A.T. got off to an intense start in Season 4 despite COVID restrictions, and the hits just seem to keep on coming for certain characters. The death of Erika has been weighing heavily on Chris ever since she tragically lost her life, and a recent episode revealed that Chris isn't exactly coping in the healthiest way. She didn't even reach out to a friend until she had no choice. She's drinking heavily and clearly not taking the best care of herself. Tan has tried to be there for her, but what about Street?

Executive producer Shawn Ryan previewed what's next for Chris as she deals with the aftermath of Erika's death, including the part that Street will have to play in the situation. Speaking with TVLine, Ryan shared:

Chris is struggling mightily with Erika’s death and is leaning on the wrong things to try to recover. Street will play a large role going forward as Chris comes to terms with what’s working and not working in her life, and what direction she wants to go in.

On the one hand, Shawn Ryan's tease that Street will have a part to play in Chris' story as she works through the aftermath of Erika's death seems like good news for fans of their dynamic. After all, Chris coming to terms is a step toward recovery and moving forward, right? And if this was a show that gave characters easy ways out of tough situations, it might seem altogether likely that Street's support could be a game-changer in a good way. Since this is S.W.A.T., however, fans might want to brace for more struggles for Chris before things get better, Street or no Street.

After all, Shawn Ryan didn't say that Street's "large role" will be good for Chris or that he'll be part of what's working in her life or the direction she wants to go, but it definitely seems like some dramatic developments are on the way. I do find myself wondering if this story for Chris with Street involved is part of the "whirlwind" that S.W.A.T. showrunner Aaron Rahsaan Thomas promised would come for the characters in Season 4.

Unfortunately, S.W.A.T. is taking a bit of a break before delivering the next episode to reveal the next stage of Chris' struggles, how she'll continue to deal (or not deal) with the aftermath of Erika's death, and how much Street will (or will not) be involved. Instead of a new episode of S.W.A.T. on March 17, CBS is airing a two-hour special about the Grammys. S.W.A.T. is scheduled to return to its normal 10 p.m. Wednesday slot on March 24.

Season 4 of S.W.A.T. got off to a late start after Season 3 had to be cut short, but the fourth season didn't scrap the flashback event that was planned despite pandemic complications, and even found ways to recreate the 1992 Los Angeles riots for the premiere. Star Shemar Moore tested positive for COVID just in time for the holidays but recovered, and there are no signs of concern that Season 4 will have to wrap prematurely like Season 3.

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