Rebel Wilson Gets Candid About The Biggest ‘Challenge’ She's Facing Now That She's Lost 60 Lbs

While most of us spent extra time on the couch with Hamilton and other Disney+ additions on repeat during the pandemic and chalked it up to a lost year, some people were really making the year count. Rebel Wilson is among the percentage of people who took the unexpected free time as an opportunity to improve themselves and met her own health goals. In fact, Wilson lost 60 lbs. during her self-proclaimed “year of health," but is now facing some more challenges since meeting her weight goals, and is speaking out candidly about them.

Rebel Wilson is looking fantastic (she always did, though) in a brand new socially distanced video interview with Good Morning America where she talks about her new show Pooch Perfect. In the interview she gets candid about challenges she is facing keeping the weight she lost off now that her 2020 year of health is over. Here it is in the Pitch Perfect actress’ own words:

Now the challenge is to keep it off. I’ve never successfully in my life [done it]. I’ve lost a bit of weight here or there, but I guess last year I set myself a mission. 2020 is the year of health. I kind of overhauled my whole lifestyle and for the first time in my life really prioritized health.

Rebel Wilson has been open about trying to lose weight in the past, and even being successful at losing some, however she would always gain it back. She was able to prioritize her health in 2020, but a lot of people find that making a lifestyle change has to become a new way of life and be kept up with to maintain the benefits.

Comfort eating has been a downfall for Rebel Wilson, she says in the same interview. One challenge she has faced and still faces is cutting down on eating her feelings, something a lot of people struggle with. Wilson says that with Easter coming up, it’s especially difficult. Here it is in her own words:

Working on my emotional eating -- which really anyone who knows me knows is my real vice. Seeing all the Easter eggs out there right now is, ‘Ooh, it’s driving me crazy.’

The Australian actress has also been open about the fact that her past weight has been somewhat pushed on her for roles. Rebel Wilson has been in roles that play on the fact that she had a fuller figure, and her character even nicknamed herself “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect franchise. This may also be an obstacle the actress will need to overcome, and hopefully her new figure can help rebrand her for future roles that don’t pressure her to put weight back on to help her maintain her goals. For now, you can hear what she has to say in the full interview, below.

It sounds like Rebel Wilson has overcome plenty of obstacles in her 2020 year of health, but the work isn’t done yet. Wilson’s next step may be to extend her year of health into 2021 and see where that leads her, as she seems to be thriving in that lifestyle. Fans can catch Wilson as the host of Pooch Perfect, which will premiere on ABC tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

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