Looks Like Supergirl Is Bringing A Fan-Favorite Villain Back For Final Season

The final season of The CW’s Supergirl finally premiered recently and it's already in full swing. While there are definitely going to be surprises in store for later in Season 6, it looks as if some of those surprises are already revealing their future presence in National City. Looks like Supergirl fans are going to see a very familiar villain return soon!

Comedy star Thomas Lennon, who joined the Arrowverse by portraying the extremely powerful Fifth Dimension being Mxyzptlk in Season 5 of Supergirl, will be returning to the show for at least one upcoming episode in this final season. Lennon himself posted a video on Instagram rocking Myx’s signature hair and panning up to a Supergirl poster with his comic book character's consonant-heavy name. Check it out!

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Mxy has appeared throughout the series since Season 2, when he came to National City to profess his love for Kara, endangering the lives of others with his mystical powers in an attempt to “woo” her. Peter Gadiot portrayed the character early on, with Thomas Lennon taking over the role in Season 5. After Mxy was punished by Fifth Dimension authorities, he was court-ordered to help out those whom he'd wronged in order to use his powers freely again, and his final task was to help Kara by offering her to salvage her friendship with Lena. After failing over and over again, Kara thanked Mxy for the help and decided to just move forward anyway, accomplishing the Imp’s final task.

Recently, Supergirl co-showrunner Jessica Queller mentioned that the creative team has plans for familiar faces to appear in the final season, and it will be a very emotional time. When asked about the particular return of Christopher Wood, who played Mon-El on top of being Melissa Benoist’s baby daddy and husband, co-showrunner Robert Rovner noted that they didn’t have plans to bring him back at the time, but if it felt right at a later point, it would be possible. Myx Vs. Mon-El, anyone?

While last season saw the return of Jeremy Jordan’s Winn Schott for a few episodes, it’s still up in the air as to whether or not he could be returning again for the final season, even if just for a single episode. Another unknown is whether Mehcad Brooks could return as James Olsen, who exited during Season 5. Since both of the aforementioned characters were crucial in Supergirl’s origins, as well as being her best friends, it’s highly possible they could return some way or another.

Supergirl’s final season was announced last fall, making the cast and crew very emotional as they reflected on their years together as a team. The CBS-turned-CW series premiered its sixth and final season last week, so the fun has only just begun when it comes to speculating about who else will show up in National City, all while viewers prepare to say goodbye to Team Supergirl. Watch the Arrowverse drama when it airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW!

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