Dancing With The Stars Pro Lindsay Arnold Responds To Accusations Of Photoshopping Her Scars

Lindsay Arnold and Jordan Fisher on Dancing With the Stars.

Having a baby is already one of the most arduous and demanding things a person could go through, and that stress only compounds when said pregnant person is in the public eye. Dancing With the Stars regular Lindsay Arnold is not afraid to clue others in on that fact, and the pro dancer is clapping back at people who have accused her of digitally removing her surgery scar.

Lindsay Arnold gave birth to her daughter via C-Section back in November 2020, and she's been posting tons of photos and videos of her postpartum body ever since. Beyond the kind words, though, Arnold has been getting backlash from followers over her post-surgery scar, and some have been accusing the pro dancer that she is digitally removing them from her pics. Arnold went on Instagram to explain her C-Section scar situation to her followers, and to share the importance it has:

C-Section Scar: there has been some speculation on my last couple posts about whether or not I have been photoshopping my scar out of my pictures... now I usually don't even give time of day to comments like this BUT I feel like this needs to be addressed as it's important to me that you all know that my c-section scar is now my favorite part of my body. It is the representation of the thing I am most proud of in my life and that is our sweet Sagey I seriously want to show my scar to everyone I see cause I think it's so insane and crazy cool that Sage came out of that little cut in my belly?! I mean come on how incredible is that?!

Many mothers go through a C-Section instead of a natural birth, sometimes by choice but often because it's the only safe way for the delivery to happen. Lindsay Arnold is one of many that are grateful for her doctors, praising them for their due diligence while explaining that the reason why her scar isn’t visible is because of where it's actually located. In her words:

What's also incredible are amazing doctors that make it possible to do a C-section and have the scar be so low it is not even visible in a bikini (had to pull my suit down low for this) which is why you all are not seeing it in my pics. I would never and have never photoshopped any part of my body and wanted a dedicated post to my beautiful scar that I truly love so much so hahaha for those who care or even read this far, no I am not photoshopping my scar out of anything and in case anyone forgot WOMENS BODIES ARE INCREDIBLE

Lindsay Arnold posted a picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram, with her suit pulled down ju-u-ust enough to see her scar, and without making anyone blush too hard. The majority of the dancer’s more recent photos on Instagram are of her and her daughter, and this post just proves even more how in love she is with being a mother.

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Women’s bodies are incredible and deserve to be celebrated, not degraded! Lindsay Arnold is proud of her scars, as should every mother be after having a baby, no matter how it happened. Now we'll just have to wait and see if she'll be able to return to Dancing with the Stars for a future season.

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