Amy Schumer Got Naked To Share Her C-Section Scar, Inspire Moms

Amy Schumer

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer is very open about her life and vocal about her opinions, and she can be more than just a little bit crude. She gets plenty of backlash from those who are not fans, but she famously just doesn’t care what you think of her. Schumer recently became a mother, sharing plenty of emotional and hilarious stories along the way to motherhood. After having a C-section birth, Schumer shared a naked picture showing off her scar, and it’s been inspiring to many moms who have had insecurities about their post-baby bodies.

Amy Schumer recently took to her Instagram to flaunt her post baby body and birthing battle scar. Being pregnant isn’t exactly easy for anyone, and Schumer had some complications during her pregnancy. Giving birth is even harder, and for the women who have a C-section like Schumer did, recovery is oftentimes a lot more tedious. With a C-section comes a new life and a new impressive scar, which Amy showed off in the post below:

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While some may not agree with what she may say or post, Amy Schumer doesn’t let the possibility of backlash stop her from doing exactly what she wants to do. Based on past experience, she may have expected some negativity surrounding her naked post-baby body, but if there are any negative comments, they are buried in the positive ones flooding her post.

It’s incredibly common for women to feel insecure after their bodies stretch to accommodate a new human and go through the trauma of birth, whether that happens naturally or via C-section. That insecurity and unhappiness can even lead to serious mental health issues post-birth. Amy Schumer’s post is one that is being seen as a source of strength for many women who either have the same scar shown in her pos- baby body photo or have issues with their own bodies that have carried new life.

Amy Schumer is no stranger to championing for women and boosting the confidence of women in their insecurities. She has voiced her pro-women opinions in a number of her comedy specials and her own TV show, and a number of her films have been centered around the newfound confidence of women. Her movie I Feel Pretty specifically handles the insecurity of a woman who empowers herself to be more confident.

Although Amy Schumer is a new mother and that brings a whole new world of duties, she is still making more content. Next up, she stars in the film The Humans alongside The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, which is in post-production.

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