James Gunn Has Great News For Suicide Squad Fans Hyped About John Cena's Peacemaker TV Show

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DC fans who have been looking forward to James Gunn's The Suicide Squad got a lovely surprise late last September when it was announced, a bit less than a year before the film's August 2021 premiere, that John Cena would be coming to HBO Max with a Peacemaker series. Since that news, we've learned a few other details about it, including the fact that several of Cena's fellow The Suicide Squad players will be involved as well. Now, director James Gunn, who will also be working on the series in several different capacities, has given fans some great news about Peacemaker.

While we don't know a lot about Peacemaker just yet, we do already have some cast members other than John Cena pinned down, with two of them so far being confirmed as members of the cast for The Suicide Squad. Along with that, James Gunn is set to executive produce, write all eight episodes of Season 1, and will direct several episodes, as well. Seeing as how many of the people involved with Peacemaker are super busy, some fans have been wondering if this will actually be a limited series (even though it was referred to as being a regular series originally), or if it could go beyond one season, should it be as popular as expected.

Luckily, a fan inquired about this fact on Twitter, and Gunn responded, saying:

It’s not a one and done thing. It’s a series.

YAYYYYYY! So, now we all know that we can very much look forward to more adventures with Peacemaker (maybe even during the holidays to go along with his Christmas ornament), as long as Season 1 of the series impresses enough people. And, if there were any doubt, we do believe that the show will be able to at least meet high hopes, if not exceed them.

As noted above, James Gunn will be a driving force behind the scenes of Peacemaker, and he has knocked it out of the park on many of his movies, so there's no reason to expect that his trademark sense of wackiness won't lend itself well to the first season. Of course, we can't dismiss the fact that John Cena is clearly excited about this role. He's been proving himself more and more as an actor over the past several years, both in movies and in TV guest appearances. Cena has been good at bringing us a tough, muscle man for many years, but he's also proven that he's very adept at comedy, and he's rarely been anything less than a treat to watch.

While we, obviously, don't know yet what will become of Peacemaker in TSS (Is anyone calling the movie that? Oh, never mind. I'm doing it!), his show is being billed as the character's origin story. So it could, theoretically, go on for several seasons regardless of what happens to the "douchebag" during his big screen outing. Plus, Gunn has already confirmed that Peacemaker will follow in the footsteps of its major motion picture big brother, and give us enough blood and cursing for a firm R-rating.

Basically, the idea that we could have multiple Peacemaker seasons is a real joy, and you can believe that DC fans everywhere will be eager to get a look at the latest James Gunn / John Cena collaboration when it finally debuts in January 2022.

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