Arrow’s Stephen Amell And Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig Team Up Shirtless For First Heels Trailer

Both Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig are known for starring on popular TV shows, with both making their marks on TV with their roles on Arrow and Vikings, respectively. However, with both shows now at an end, the two have been working on a new Heels. The wrestling drama from Starz has been gaining public interest for a while now, with some waiting to get a first look at the show. Well, wait no longer, as the first official trailer has arrived, and it teases plenty of shirtless moments along with a lot of drama both inside and outside of the ring.

While the trailer is most of a teaser, it quickly establishes the characters of Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig) Spade. Set in a small town, Heels centers on the relationship between the siblings and wrestlers. In the ring, one is known as “the face” or the hero, while the other serves as “the heel” or villain. The show will also focus on their war for their late father’s wrestling empire.

Heels marked the first project Stephen Amell signed on for following the final season of The CW’s Arrow. Amell, who is a die-hard wrestling fan, has shown a lot of enthusiasm for the new show since he was announced to have joined. In the month since, he’s shared a number of cool behind-the-scenes looks at the series, with one post even showing him in short shorts.

The show really has been a labor of love for Stephen Amell, as his posts have also shown just how much he’s been pushing his physical limits to play the role of Jack Spade. In addition, the actor actually tested positive for COVID-19 while filming and later injured his back while performing a stunt. Needless to say, the actor is giving his all to this show.

Aside from the physicality involved with the role, Stephen Amell has also been taking the time to build chemistry with on-screen brother Alexander Ludwig. The animosity between their two characters may be off the charts, but it seems that the actors actually have nothing but love for each other. One of Stephen Amell’s past social media posts showed the two enjoying dinner together. Heels may be an ensemble piece, but the performances of Stephen Amell and Alexander Luedwig are going to be crucial to its success. And if this footage is any indication, they could very well succeed in creating a relatable sibling rivalry.

This first trailer is definitely enough to set the stage for the new show, and get fans excited for what’s to come. Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig are capable actors, and it’s going to be fun to watch their intense relationship play out on screen.

Heels premieres Sunday August 15 on Starz.

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