90 Day Fiancè's Paul And Karine Are Back In The United States, But What's Next?

Paul in airport 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? TLC

Few 90 Day Fiancè couples had a year of ups and downs on the level of what Paul and Karine Staehle went through in 2020 but, after astounding claims the two made against each other in court, they reconciled and moved to Brazil to be closer to her family. Now, in a surprising twist, the couple is back in America, but what exactly does this mean for the couple's future and reality television?

News of the couple's arrival back in the United States was revealed via Karine's recent Instagram Stories, which featured signage of the theme park Kentucky Kingdom and photos of their son, Pierre, with Paul's mother. It would seem the two are back in the Louisville, Kentucky area, but for what reason?

That's definitely a question some may ask because, while fans believed the two were dropped from their contracts, Paul refuted that back in November of 2020. Paul explained that TLC and Sharp allowed the two to step aside from their obligations and had been understanding of the situation given all that they'd been through. The two decided to focus on their family and seemed to be thriving in Brazil, thanks to income from their OnlyFans, Cameo, and other endeavors.

Additionally, Paul Staehle took his wife Karine back to Brazil because she was homesick, something she expressed during the couple's Season 5 stint on 90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After. Karine was surrounded by family back in Brazil and seemed happy, though Paul had mentioned earlier in 2021 that she missed their home in Kentucky. Their prior time in Kentucky was marred by Paul's inability to find a job, perhaps due in part to past felony charges against him.

Given all of that, it does seem odd the two would return to Kentucky. That is unless Paul has some money coming in via an upcoming spinoff the two would do in the 90 Day Fiancè franchise. With the two back in America, it would certainly be easier for TLC to get a crew to them and film any upcoming adventures they have with their two sons.

Having said that, the series the two would most likely fit into -- 90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After? -- is in the process of airing its latest season. If Paul and Karine Staehle were in contact with TLC and hoping to be filmed for an upcoming season, it could be a year before a storyline would be seen on television. In the meantime though, the two could always appear on 90 Day Bares All or some other spinoff, just to bring folks up to speed. Honestly, the two may just be back in America to live here without a camera on them, though I'll definitely be keeping an eye on them to be sure.

90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After airs on TLC Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on what's happening in the current season, be sure to read up on how fans recently uncovered Natalie's acting past and how some believe her whole reality storyline is in question after its discovery.

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