Who Killed Sara: 8 Questions We Have After The Season 1 Finale

Manolo Cardona in Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? is a Spanish-language drama that follows Álex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) as he leaves prison and embarks on a revenge mission against the Lazcano family because of their involvement in his sister’s death and his 18-year imprisonment. Who Killed Sara? has been a huge Netflix hit ever since its March 2021 release. In May 2021, Who Killed Sara? Season 2 premieres.

The Who Killed Sara? Season 1 finale answered some very important questions, but left us with a ton more, like who really did kill Sara? The Who Killed Sara? Season 2 trailer showed us that we’re going to have a lot more questions when Season 2 premieres. Let’s explore some of the big questions we have going into Who Killed Sara Season 2.

Warning: Who Killed Sara? Season 1 spoilers ahead. Don’t read until you finish Season 1.

Claudia Ramírez in Who Killed Sara

Who Killed Sara?

The Who Killed Sara? Season 1 finale ended with the reveal that Mariana (Claudia Ramírez) was the one who ordered Elroy (younger version played by Marco Zapata) to cut Sara (Ximena Lamadrid)’s harness, which led to her presumably dying. However, the last several minutes of Who Killed Sara? Season 1 left everyone confused. Alex discovers a secret journal from his sister and then digs up a skull in the backyard of his home. We now don’t know if Elroy and Mariana were really the ones to kill Sara, nor if she’s actually dead.

Interestingly, we also never saw Elroy cutting the rope, but we did see Chema's (younger version played by Polo Morin) knife on the boat, so someone had to cut it. My wild prediction is that Sara cut it herself. Elroy chickened out and Sara decided to end her own life or faked her death. I don’t believe that Sara died from the harness thing, instead, I think she faked her death and is either still alive or died much later.

Manolo Cardona holding a skull in Who Killed Sara

What’s The Story Behind The Skull?

As stated, Who Killed Sara? Season 1 concluded with Alex holding a skull from his backyard. We also see a flash of Sara being strangled and César (Ginés García Millán) firing a gun at someone. These two images could be related or unrelated. My guess is that they’re related. Sara may have been strangled by someone and César saved her by shooting and killing the person. They then buried him or her in the Guzmán’s lawn. The interesting thing will be whether all this happened before or after her supposed death.

Litzy as Marifer in Who Killed Sara

What Is Marifer’s Plan As Diana The Huntress?

One of the biggest reveals from the Who Killed Sara? Season 1 finale was that Marifer (Litzy) is Diana The Huntress, the anonymous person who has been helping Alex solve the mystery of Sara’s death. We first really met Marifer (younger version played by Ela Velden) when she began having a threesome with Alex (younger version played by Leo Deluglio) and Chema. We later learn that she was Sara’s best friend and the person she entrusted with the video of Flor Sanchez.

We also see a flashback of Marifer calling Sara to ask her for help, but Sara brushes her off to continue to enjoy her vacation with Chema, Alex, and Rodolfo (younger version played by Andrés Baida). From the Who Killed Sara? Season 2 trailer, it appears that we’ll learn a lot more about Marifer and Sara’s dysfunctional relationship. We also learn of Marifer's involvement with Nicandro (Martin Saracho), another piece to this puzzle. He was around on the day of Sara’s death but more as a background player. Later, Alex discovers that he’s apparently dead. We see that Nicandro and Marifer had contact before his death, so he may tie into all this more than we think.

Ximena Lamadrid in Who Killed Sara Season 2

Who Is The Real Sara?

As the Who Killed Sara first season went on, we saw that Sara was not this angel that Alex seemed to believe that she was. She was cruel to Chema about his sexuality, called Elroy the help after rejecting him, slept with her boyfriend’s father, and then tried to pass his child off as Rodolfo’s child. We saw in the Season 2 trailer that Sara seems to go to a mental hospital and acts very abusive towards Marifer. She seems to be a lot more complex and complicated than Alex realized, and we’re likely going to see more of this play out in Who Killed Sara? Season 2.

Fátima Molina in Who Killed Sara

Will Clara Seduce Chema?

In one of the strangest stories of the season, Chema (Eugenio Siller) and his partner Lorenzo (Luis Roberto Guzmán) decide to have Chema’s childhood friend Clara (Fátima Molina) become the surrogate of their child. The minute Clara reentered Chema’s life, she brought her baggage, which includes a crazy ex-boyfriend. Lorenz was so frustrated with the Clara situation that he decided to leave his home with Chema, leaving him alone with Clara.

Clara seems to have some kind of sexual obsession with the two men. She was even seen watching them have sex. Now that Lorenzo is out of the way, it seems like she’s about to make a move on Chema. We saw in the trailer that she kisses him (and possibly does more), but this whole thing is very confusing.

First, because Clara seems to accept and support Chema’s sexuality, something that most of his family rejects. One of the main storylines involving Chema is that he’s gay and his family refuses to accept it. If he does begin an affair with Clara, it could be because he realizes he’s bisexual or he is lonely since Lorenzo left and acts without thinking. My guess is that Chema and Clara don’t have an affair, instead that clip we see of them about to have sex may be a fantasy or ends before it really begins.

The more interesting thing with Clara is: why is she working with Marifer? In the Season 2 trailer, we also see her and Marifer conspiring against Chema. She’s been planted back in his life as part of whatever Marifer’s plan is for the Lazcano family.

Héctor Jiménez and Carolina Miranda in Who Killed Sara

Is Elroy Alive Or Dead?

We see Elroy's (Héctor Jiménez) heart monitors going off in the hospital and Mariana watching with joy until the doctor’s run in to save him. We don’t get a confirmation of his death or being saved. My guess is that Elroy will survive, despite Mariana’s best attempts, but he may go into a coma or something to limit his ability to tell the truth about what happened that day Sara allegedly died.

Leo Deluglio and Marco Treviño in Who Killed Sara

Who Killed Flor Sanchez?

Flor Sanchez was a woman whose father Alex met in prison. He told Alex how the Lazcano family killed her. Flor was part of their whole sex trafficking ring. We also know that there is a mystery man or woman who beats and murders these women. All signs were pointing to Sergio (Juan Carlos Remolina), but it was never confirmed. I think it’s safe to assume that it isn’t Sergio who beats and kills these women.

My guess is that the doctor we’ll meet in Season 2, the one who treated Sara, maybe the mystery man behind the murders. It being Sergio or even Céasar seems a bit too obvious. Who Killed Sara? definitely wants us shocked with the reveal, otherwise, we would already know who is the murderer.

Alejandro Nones and Ana Lucía Dominguez in Who killed Sara

What Will Mariana Do To Sophia’s Baby?

Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones) discovered that his wife Sofía (Ana Lucía Dominguez) is pregnant from an affair with his father Céasar. He promptly kicks her and his stepson Bruno (Iñaki Godoy) out. We know that Mariana was willing to kill Sara, who was also pregnant with Céasar’s child to protect her family. There is nothing to stop her from trying the same or something similar with Sofía. She should definitely be worried about Mariana.

We’re more than ready for another wild ride when Who Killed Sara? Season 2 premieres on May 19, 2021. It’s one of the 2021 Summer TV shows that I’m most excited to see. It’s messy but a lot of fun. If you haven’t seen Season 1 yet, there is plenty of time to binge it on Netflix before Who Killed Sara? Season 2 premieres.

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