The Masked Singer's Yeti Discusses The Sweet Connection They Have To The Frog

Yeti and Frog competing on Season 3 and 5 of The Masked Singer

The Yeti’s elimination on this week’s episode of The Masked Singer was shocking, to say the least. But his unveiling as multihyphenate entertainer Omarion ended weeks of guessing. Looking at his surprise elimination, viewers couldn’t help between think about a former Masked Singer contestant the Frog, and. after leaving the Fox competition series, the Yeti discussed his sweet connection to the Frog a.k.a. Bow Wow.

Omarion and Bow Wow have been synonymous with screaming teenage girls and hit songs for two decades. So having both friends compete on The Masked Singer (different seasons, of course) was a nice move. The artist formerly known as the Yeti told Entertainment Weekly about his friendship with the rapper and how special it was to be on the show after him:

He didn't reach out and ask me if I was the Yeti, but we did have a conversation. And he was like, ‘I know this is you, O. I know this is you.’ [Laughs] Just like I knew it was him when I saw the Frog. We've shared the stage, we've done albums together. So, he definitely knows my energy signature. And I thought it was cool, too. I felt like it was orchestrated by the universe, because we were on tour before the pandemic, we were on the Millennium Tour. And we only got to do five shows before COVID hit, and now we're preparing for October to go back on tour. So really now the public has the opportunity to come see us, two Masked Singers on one tour, and I didn't think about that. In hindsight, I'm like, wow, that's pretty dope. So, if you're a real big fan of the show, then you could come and see us both at one show, which is I think a first in Masked Singer history, too.

You know the connection is strong if Bow Wow and Omarion deduced each other's identities from the beginning. Having been friends for two decades, it’s only natural that the entertainers would know each other’s moves and voices. As Omarion pointed out, aligning their Masked Singer fanbase with their devoted music fans of their upcoming tour is a brilliant idea. It simply allows both the reap the benefits of participating in the singing competition.

For music fans growing up in the 2000s, the relationship between Bow Wow and Omarion was the equivalent of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Their friendship harkens back to the days of BET’s 106 & Park and throwback jerseys. The two were attached at the hip, as Bow Wow and Omarion’s group B2K rose within the music scene. They (appropriately) made teenage girls scream on the successful Scream concert tours. During their prime, the singer and the rapper were one of hip-hop and R&B's best duos, dishing out countless hits for years, and that success led to a hit collaboration album. Needless to say, their success in the music industry made them prime candidates to participate in The Masked Singer.

Unfortunately, the two friends can only add former Masked Singer competitors to their lengthy resumes as opposed to winners. With the Yeti’s surprise elimination and Cluedle-Doo’s unmasking, next week’s finale is truly anyone’s game. So, tune in to the Fox competition series on May 26th at 8 p.m. ET to see whether Black Swan, Piglet or Chameleon win the golden mask.

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