Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 2 Just Cast A Very Important Character From The Novels

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Bridgerton Season 2 is, blissfully, coming together rather nicely, dear readers! While we already know that the romantic drama has added several characters, and new actors to play them, the series just cast yet another new role, which will mean a lot to lovers of Julia Quinn's books. Bridgerton has now cast Lady Violet's late husband, and the father to all of those dang lovelorn kids, Viscount Edmund Bridgerton.

As was well-referenced in Season 1 of Bridgerton, Edmund died well before the events of the series. But, according Deadline, Season 2 will flashback and give viewers a look at the former Viscount, and has cast Charmed star Rupert Evans in the role of Edmund Bridgerton. If you recall mentions of Edmund from the first season, you'll know that he was a very loving and devoted father and husband, with he and Violet having a true love match which would eventually inspire their children marry for love, as opposed to simply trying to gain money or status through their matches.

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Rupert Evans is probably best known to audiences for his role on The CW's Charmed as Harry Greenwood, but the actor made his screen debut 20 years ago. Evans went on to star in movies and TV series such as Hellboy, North & South, Agora, World Without End, Fleming, and also had a major part in Amazon's The Man in the High Castle as Frank Frink. Those who saw Rupert Evans on Charmed, though, will know that he frequently acted as a strong guiding hand for the charmed ones while also bringing some additional class to the show, so Evans does seem to have exactly what's needed for Edmund Bridgerton.

Edmund, as an attentive father, had been particularly interested in guiding young Anthony, his and Violet's eldest child who would take over as Viscount one day, as he grew up. The appearance of Edmund is especially important for Season 2, as it will focus on Anthony, who had decided to give up on love at the end of Season 1 after his affair with opera singer Siena left him heart-broken, and will start the season looking to marry only to fulfill his duty and provide an heir.

Edmund's death was quite sudden, and sent a shockwave through the family for several reasons, but with Season 2 giving us a lot more of Anthony, we're going to see how his father's death (and the responsibility of handling his position as Viscount at only 18 years old) has truly impacted his life. This will be even more true as Anthony begins to fall for Kate Sharma, despite himself.

I'm hoping that the casting of Rupert Evans as Edmund (though he won't be a series regular) will also lead to us getting a lot more of Lady Violet in Season 2. While I was seriously annoyed at her insistence on not telling Daphne anything about her sexy wedding night (even after she was married), Violet was clearly a loving and adored mother, who was also still quite lonely from the loss of Edmund. I eventually want to see Violet be able to move on and find another love match for herself, but I also can't wait to see her and Edmond together in a series of loving flashbacks.

The Bridgerton Season 2 cast is filming right now, but we don't know for sure when the new episodes will hit Netflix, so, for more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to 2021 summer TV!

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