That Time Tom Hiddleston Used A Harry Potter Reference To Teasingly Shame An MCU Mistake

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Tom Hiddleston has portrayed the trickster Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an entire decade and -- much like the other Marvel stars -- he has taken on some of his character’s traits. Okay, so Hiddleston is far from a deadly half-giant vying for the throne of Asgard, but he can be pretty witty and sly with his remarks. In fact, it turns out the Marvel star is pretty thorough when it comes to fandoms and lores, because he recently used a Harry Potter reference when teasingly shaming an MCU mistake regarding Asgard’s rainbow bridge.

It seems that Tom Hiddleston has become somewhat of an expert on his MCU character, Loki, and the lore surrounding him because, apparently, he recently taught a seminar on the topic during pre-production of his upcoming Disney+ series Loki. The Marvel star can apparently recite lines from his first MCU film from 10 years ago perfectly and even corrected a mistake his interviewer made while speaking with EW for his digital cover interview.

Tom Hiddleston knows the ins and out of Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge and won’t shy away from correcting those who don’t know that the Bifrost is not, in fact, the bridge itself, but is actually the energy that runs through it. When the outlet made that very mistake, Hiddleston corrected it, but did so in a manner that Harry Potter fans everywhere would be sure to appreciate. Here’s what Hiddleston said exactly in his cute (and somewhat nerdy) little correction when his interview made a little bit of a whoops in regards to what the Bifrost is:

Well, the Bifrost technically is the energy that runs through the bridge. But nine points to Gryffindor!

It makes me incredibly happy that Tom Hiddleston is pretty much an expert on Asgard at this point and, most likely, all of the relevant Norse mythology behind the Thor characters. The icing on the cake, though, is that he's apparently a Harry Potter fan as well. Now that we know you’re one of us Tom, you’ll never live it down!

We may get some of this Asgardian lore in Loki, because it appears Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming series could have an interesting and unexpected angle, and we may get some of the God of Mischief's past experiences and stories. This is incredibly cool, seeing as the mischievous trickster has had a whole life before the Avengers and Thor films that spans thousands of years.

Thankfully, we really don’t have long to wait before we see Tom Hiddleston (alongside an unexpectedly wild co-star) in all his snarky glory on screen again. This time, he’ll be streaming on Disney+ in TV form. The first of the six episodes premieres June 9th, and we already there's already hope for a second season!

Carlie Hoke
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