Joe Jonas Gets Candid About Devastated Feelings When Nick Decided To End The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers rose to superstardom, all while living together and working together for many years. Eventually, those circumstances became rather intolerable for The Voice’s Nick Jonas. The second youngest Jonas’ issues with the group came as a surprise to sibling Joe Jonas, and years after their contentious breakup, the latter got candid about the moment his brother Nick decided to depart the top-selling music group.

The Jonas Brothers’ breakup was big news in the music world in 2013, and since then, they’ve thankfully repaired their relationship and got back together to even greater success. But that initial breakup was devastating to more than just fans, as Joe Jonas revealed in a shared excerpt from the brothers' upcoming memoir Blood that hinted at the stir of emotions he felt after his brother’s surprising announcement:

I walked into that meeting like a tourist going to the beach. I kicked back on the couch, said, ‘What’s going on.’ And put my feet up. I didn't see the tsunami coming. And the tsunami was inside me, building up as Nick spoke. I still remember the exact words he said, which were a bit different than what Kevin recalled but hit me a lot harder: ‘My heart is no longer in this.’ It was like something our dad would say. Very pastorlike. Something an old-fashioned gentleman might say to his partner when getting divorced. It felt formal, serious… and permanent.

The memoir segment marks the first time the second oldest Jonas shared any thoughts at length about the group’s news-making breakup. And fans will no doubt be held rapt by Joe Jonas' insight into the moment the second youngest Jonas announced his departure from the best-selling boy band. One can only assume that story continues beyond what he shared on Instagram, which also featured this bit:

The tsunami inside of me built until it broke and crashed through everything in its path… But sometimes things need to break down so they can be built up again on a stronger foundation. As we grow through our lives, I know I’ll always have my brothers, as family, as friends, and as BLOOD.

Joe Jonas tends to keep things positive in interviews, and things have been quite positive indeed with his wife Sophie Turner and their infant son. And given their eventual reunion, it's clear that the Jonas Brothers continued building up their friendship and family connection outside of being a musical group. Sometimes, a huge breakdown is needed to rebuild a stronger foundation, and being blood brothers definitely made the situation easier for the second oldest Jonas.

The group’s headline-making dissolution had been brewing for a while prior to it going public. The first sign of problems between the brothers was the cancellation of their stadium tour two days before it was set to begin. They cited a deep rift in the group, leading to fans questioning the band’s future. Eventually, the pop band announced their breakup. After their disbandment, each brother experienced varying solo success before the Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019. The brothers admitted their reunion was the result of them spending a year in therapy, one of possibly few career elements they share with hard rock group Metallica.

It sounds like the Jonas brothers' memoir will deliver quite the poetic and vulnerable tale. Check out the full excerpt below!

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As stated in the post, the Jonas siblings' book will be released on November 9, 2021, and should make a fine addition to any Thanksgiving table.

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