Miranda Cosgrove Reveals The OG iCarly Guest Star That Wowed Her The Most

Harry Styles in iCarly.

The iCarly revival is just days away and original stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress got together for a special reunion show on Paramount+ and YouTube to talk all things iCarly (past and present). One thing discussed was Carly’s many romantic interests and Cosgrove confessed who her favorite guest star was on the show. In fact, it's a name you'd probably recognize.

iCarly has had many special guest stars over the show’s six-season run, and Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress looked back at the insane lineup, from Michelle Obama to Jack Black. When Carly’s love interests were brought up in the reunion special, the actress was at first reluctant to give an answer, but her co-stars were adamant that she admit who wowed her the most and Cosgrove finally gave in and answered with, really, the only correct one: "Harry Styles."

The One Direction musical artist guest starred in the Season 6 episode appropriately titled “iGo One Direction” in 2012. In the episode, the popular British boy band appeared on the fictional web show. During the episode, after Carly got home from a trip, she got “Jungle Worms” and when Harry drank out of her contaminated water bottle, he also got sick. Carly (of course) took care of the pop star, who soon started to fall for her. Later in the episode, after Styles got better, he still faked being sick so he could be with her. The episode proved popular with 3.9 million viewers tuning in.

When iCarly dropped its first two seasons on Netflix earlier this year in anticipation for the revival series, fans were ecstatic to relive one of their favorite shows from childhood. However, many were disappointed in the fact that the streamer didn’t have all the seasons -- including the One Direction episode. With Paramount+, fans should be happy to know they can watch all seasons of the Nickelodeon series, including the infamous One Direction episode, in which Harry Styles falls for Miranda Cosgrove’s Carly Shay.

Also part of the iCarly reunion show was the official introduction of new cast members Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett, who portray Carly’s roommate Harper Raines and Freddie’s step-daughter Millicent, respectively. Paramount+ recently dropped the revival’s opening sequence, which not only includes the original theme song in all its former glory, but also Miranda Cosgrove recreating her famous “Interesting” meme from Drake & Josh.

There is no telling just what Easter Eggs the iCarly revival will have in reference to the original, or just who will make a special guest appearance. The first season is reportedly having 13 episodes and the first three will be dropping on Paramount+ this week. Nine years after the original ended, it will be great to see Carly, Freddie and Spencer together once again, as well as appearances from Mrs. Benson and Nevel.

All seasons of the original iCarly are streaming on Paramount+, and the revival releases this Thursday, June 17 on the streamer.

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