Sounds Like The Modern Family Cast Wasn't All Happy About The Show Ending

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Last year, ABC made the bittersweet announcement that Modern Family had been renewed for an eleventh and final season and, just recently, the show finally said its goodbye. The cast subsequently shared their reactions to the series finale but, now that this new reality is starting to set in, Sofia Vergara is sharing some pretty honest thoughts.

A lot has changed since Modern Family began, but Sofia Vergara’s love for the show has never wavered, which doesn't make it suprising that she's not ready to see it go. In fact, she would have preferred to go a bit longer:

Why can't it be Law & Order? It was the dream job and if I could do it all again I would and I wouldn't change anything. Everything was perfect – the scripts, the cast, the writers... We became a family so it's hard to say goodbye.

Adding to Sofia Vergara’s sadness, which she expressed to The Daily Telegraph, is how close the cast became during the decade-plus they spent working together. It's a feeling that was more than evident when Modern Family wrapped its run replete with hugs and a Green Day song.

In terms of the entire cast's feelings after that last day, Sofia Vergara had this to say:

It was bad. We were so upset – all of us. We are really going to miss each other. It's not about the work, it's the people. I'm never going to see them every day like I did. You lose contact in this business. I'm going to miss them. I already miss them!

It's definitely clear that Sofia Vergara will miss going to work with her castmates. Fans will undoubtedly recall the poignant posts she and the cast shared from following the final table read. If that was sad and heartbreaking, one can only imagine what the last day must have felt like.

When it came to ending the show, the creatives behind Modern Family made several conscious choices. One of them was to provide viewers with a finale that differed from The Office's. In addition, the team also decided against a flash-forward. So for now, fans will have to imagine what lies ahead for the fan-favorite brood. Hopefully, a spinoff series eventually comes together to help put things into more definitive terms.

So far it's been said that a potential spinoff would revolve around multiple characters. Based on her feelings about the show ending, it could be safe to assume that Sofia Vergara would be open to reprising her role as Gloria Delgado Pritchett for such a project. A continuation series would likely include a largely new cast, but guest appearances from the original characters could be possible.

Regardless, it sounds like Sofia Vergara knows that things will never be the way they were between her and the rest of the Modern Family crew, and she has a point. The deterioration of relationships is something that The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons had contemplated when the CBS' long-running show ended.

Time will tell if the group is somehow able to stay close. Friends’ ensemble has managed to stay close enough through the years; so close, in fact, that they're actually doing a reunion special. When it comes to the Modern Family cast, their new reality has already included moving on (and changing hairstyles).

Speaking of moving on, Sofia Vergara will be a judge on America’s Got Talent, while her former co-star Julie Bowen has a CBS comedy pilot in the works. Hopefully, the two can get back together for something at some point. Nostalgia practically dictates that they will, right?

Modern Family is not currently streaming on Disney+, but there is some hope that the recently finished series could at some point. While you wait to see if that wish comes true, you can check out this spring’s premieres to help tide you over.

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