Even Without Netflix, Manifest's Creator Is Determined To Keep The Story Going Beyond Cancellation

J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Matt Long as Zeke Landon and Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami in manifest.

The fight to keep Manifest’s Lifeboat afloat is continuing, despite NBC’s cancellation and Netflix’s decision to not pick up the series. The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, is determined to keep the story going, one way or another.

Following Manifest’s still-dominating reign on Netflix and an influx of new fans trying to save the series, Jeff Rake took to Twitter to thank the dedicated “Manifesters” for their support. He also kept hope alive in the fact that he’s trying to find a way to conclude the series after that tragic, surprising and heartbreaking cliffhanger in Season 3:

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After NBC cancelled the missing plane drama after three seasons, the cast, crew and fans hoped the series would live on elsewhere, especially on Netflix. The first two seasons dropped on the streamer the day of the Season 3 finale, and shortly after reached the top spot on the chart. However last week, the company decided to not pick up the series for a fourth season. Much of the cast, including Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, and more, expressed their gratitude towards the fans, fellow cast members and crew, and reflected on their time on the series that was cut too short.

With the way that Season 3 ended, fans everywhere are hoping that the series gets picked up in some way. Many questions were left unanswered, more questions about Flight 828 popped up, and the futures of multiple characters were left unknown. Plus, Captain Daly – a character that disappeared in Season 1 – returned for a short time before disappearing yet again, only this time with something much bigger. Jeff Rake initially sold Manifest with a six-season plan, meaning that half the series has yet to air. It makes sense why he’s so adamant about getting the conclusion the show needs and that the fans deserve, considering the cliffhanger the finale had.

Meanwhile, Manifest was not the only show that NBC gave the axe to, as the network also cancelled its other three bubble shows, Debris, musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Good Girls. Campaigns also quickly started for Zoey’s, while fans were surprised at the Good Girls cancellation, which also got a pass from Netflix. Some shows have been known to receive a second chance from another network or streaming platform, and even though it may look like Manifest’s own Lifeboat is sinking, Jeff Rake is attempting to make sure that no matter how long it takes, fans get the ending they so rightfully deserve.

It will be interesting, though, to see how this story is wrapped up, if it ever is. Since there is still so much more story to tell with 828, the Callings, the Lifeboat, death dates, and now everything new that has come up since the Season 3 finale with Angelina, Grace, Cal and Captain Daly, a movie simply won’t cut it as there’s too much to wrap up in such a short time. If the series is given at least one more season, it would ideally be longer than the previous to account for more time for closure.

A week, a month, a year, no matter how long it takes for Manifest to complete its story, the wait will definitely be worth it if fans get the proper ending. Hopefully fans get the satisfying conclusion they’ve been wanting since Flight 828 made its landing in 2018.

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