A Shirtless Kevin Hart Reveals Why He Goes So Hard At Workouts Even After Recovering From Car Accident

Kevin Hart in Netflix's Fatherhood

Despite his dad status and recent release of Fatherhood on Netflix, Kevin Hart is far from having a dad bod. The 41-year-old comedian and actor is making sure everyone knows he’s still got it, despite sustaining injuries in a car accident almost two years ago. He did so by posting a photo of himself shirtless and lifting weights, with the sweat leaving a nice glisten on some pretty defined muscles. In the caption though, he reveals just why he goes so hard at workouts, and it’s pretty inspiring.

Kevin Hart has pretty much always been fit-focused, even surrounding himself with other fit celebrity friends and immersing himself in a health conscious lifestyle. It seems that since his accident, though, Kevin Hart has been determined to make more progress, and it certainly looks like he’s achieved some based on in his Instagram post. This definitely makes sense when you consider that he's even trained with Navy SEALS. Check him out in the post below:

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He looks fantastic, and his caption definitely displays the mindset of someone who knows they need to put in the work to get the results they want. In the post, he gives a pretty direct answer that a number of his fans are sure to relate to. Here it is in his own words:

People constantly ask me why I go so hard....my answer is because this is what makes me happy....I feel like the work that I put into me constantly pays off....take care of yourself for yourself and nobody else...we all get 1 life....make it special for YOU!!!! Wake up & get after it....I love y’all

It seems like Kevin Hart is pretty much always working, whether he's acting on movie sets, working on stand-up routines, or making time for his family, and it totally makes sense now. Putting in all that effort on his career, his family, and his body are things that make him happy. In addition to all of the things he already does, Hart should really consider making “motivational speaker” his new thing, because after reading that little speech, I’m ready to be a new me.

His words do seem to ring true for himself, because Kevin Hart is already fully back to work after his accident and already has a number of projects either completed or nearing completion as well as a few more projects that are in the early stages of development. And his work definitely seems to be paying off. His upcoming film, Borderlands, recently wrapped up production, and Netflix's Fatherhood quickly climbed to the top of the streamer's Top 10 list when it released over Father's Day weekend.

While it would appear that The Man From Toronto will be Hart's first film to drop in 2022, he's also set to lend his voice to DC League of Super-Pets, which arrives next spring. He's also working on a Netflix limited series entitled True Story, a project on which he will serve as an actor and an executive producer.

I don’t know how Kevin Hart finds the time to get so ripped, but his “go so hard” attitude certainly is definitely something that's commendable.. When you add in that he is under two years post car accident... it’s game over for everyone else. He’s just making us look bad at this point.

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