Below Deck Med's Malia White Is All Bandaged Up In The Hospital Following Serious Accident

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The new season of Below Deck: Mediterranean recently premiered on Bravo, with Captain Sandy and bosun Malia White being the only returning members of the cast. They are still kicking ass (well, not in the temporary chef/steak department) and taking names. But outside our TV screens, White is having a rough go of things. Following a recent and serious accident, White actually ended up in the hospital and is all bandaged up.

Malia White shared more about the accident on her Instagram. Apparently, she and her current crew were riding electric scooters through Mallorca, Spain on their day off, which just so happened to be the same day as the Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 6 premiere. White didn't say whether she was hit by someone or not, but the resulting accident gave her a fractured elbow, broken toes and stitches. The reality star credited her helmet that it wasn't more serious, saying it “literally saved my life.” See her pics after being all bandaged up in the hospital:

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The scooter accident sounds like it was a close call for Below Deck: Mediterranean alum Malia White. Freak accidents do happen. Fans will remember a similar close call situation back in Below Deck’s Season 6 involving a wayward tow line that almost claimed a cast mate’s life and brought Captain Lee to tears. White gave more details about her experience on her Instagram stories, saying,

Thankful for my crew members who were there that night. They flagged down a car who happened to be an off-duty police officer and he started giving me medical attention until the ambulance arrived. They also took care of getting all my stuff & scooter sorted.

Bosun Malia White isn't the only one facing injuries. On the Season 6 premiere of Below Deck: Mediterranean, the crew was thrown through a loop after their chef injured his knee on the first day. We were left on a cliffhanger as to his return, but not before everyone (including Captain Sandy and a sous chef commandeered from a nearby boat) jumped into the kitchen to kill a few lobsters and attempt to save their first charter’s tip.

Though it seems unimaginable given what transpired last season, the teaser for Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 6 promises a whole lot of drama. (However, I doubt even as much as Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s last one.) Someone seems to be quitting, arguments break out, and even though Malia White is all bandaged up from her accident of late, she seemed to be free then to party and hook up as a newly single woman. You got that right – it seems she and Tom broke up between seasons).

We hope Malia White recovers quickly from her accident’s injuries. And remember folks, wearing helmets saves lives!

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