After Mr. Iglesias Cancelled, Netflix Continuing On The Cancellation Train

Netflix has gone on a cancellation spree over the past few months, giving the axe to everything ranging from comedies (including Mr. Iglesias) to dramas to even a brand new superheroes series. Now, the streamer has added another show to the list of projects that won't be coming back for another season. Katherine Langford's Cursed has been cancelled after one season.

News of Cursed's cancellation comes almost exactly a year after it premiered back on July 17, 2020, with Deadline reporting that Netflix quietly made the decision. And the bad news doesn't end there – the odds of Cursed getting a last-minute save aren't the best, as Katherine Langford and the cast have reportedly been released from their contracts to pursue other opportunities.

Cursed was a highly-anticipated project after it received a series order. Netflix actually ordered a series based on the book by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler before the book was published in fall 2019, and it was popular enough upon release in 2020 that rumors began to circulate that Netflix was considering a spinoff based on Gustaf Skarsgard’s Merlin, just a couple of weeks after it launched. With the cancellation of Cursed, it's probably safe to say that this take on Merlin won't be getting a solo series.

Unfortunately for fans, there are still a number of big questions that remain unanswered, so short of more books being published to continue the story, resolution may never come on the story of Nimue and the rest. The cancellation isn't altogether shocking, considering how much time had passed without any news of what might come in Season 2 and who might star, but Katherine Langford at least had sounded like she was optimistic about Cursed getting a second season.

That said, Cursed was popular when it was released, likely helped by the fact that Katherine Langford was a familiar face on Netflix already, so a renewal seemed fairly probable back in 2020. Of course, Cursed also premiered before the Netflix cancellation spree of summer 2021. The bloodbath began back in May with the cancellation of three shows in one week: The Irregulars, The Last Kingdom, and The Duchess.

Next came Jupiter's Legacy, which was a high-profile superhero series that nonetheless got the axe from Netflix less than a month after its premiere, although the universe established by the show will continue. Then the streamer cancelled another four shows in quick succession: Mr. Iglesias, The Crew, Country Comfort, and Bonding. Throw in the fact that Netflix dashed the hopes of Manifest fans that Netflix would renew the cancelled NBC series after the first two seasons became mega-hits on the streamer, and it seems like few shows other than other mega-hits like Stranger Things and Bridgerton are guaranteed futures.

The cancellation of Cursed also raises concerns about which shows that haven't been renewed yet could be the next to get the axe. At least fans can watch and rewatch the first (and now only) season of the Katherine Langford drama streaming on Netflix, and check out our 2021 Netflix premiere schedule for some shows that are still on the way this year.

Laura Hurley
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