Star Wars' Dave Filoni Is Getting A Mandalorian Action Figure, And The Internet Is Here For It

Dave Filoni in The Mandalorian on Disney+

Dave Filoni has been a driving force (no pun intended) behind some of Star Wars' greatest projects for well over a decade so, obviously, he's got some fans in the world. Now, people who love the franchise will be able to celebrate Filoni in full, as the producer will soon have his own toy, thanks to Hasbro. As you would expect, the news has spread across the internet, and many people are thrilled about it.

To be completely clear, Hasbro hasn't explicitly created a Dave Filoni action figure but has produced a figure for Trapper Wolf. The character is a New Republic pilot that Filoni played in The Mandalorian. But since the character was played by the veteran producer, the action figure still bears a resemblance to him. Check out a photo of the action figure below, and continue on to see how people on the web feel about it:

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Star Wars toys have certainly come a long way since the Kenner action figures, and there's a ton of detail in that figure worth pointing out. Of course, many across Twitter are just so thrilled to see Dave Filoni in toy form and even quoting characters from The Mandalorian when expressing their desire for one:

I’m getting this @dave_filoni toy. This is the way, I have spoken.

It's worth noting that while this is a Trapper Wolf action figure, the fact that it resembles Dave Filoni is arguably the big selling point for many. After all, it's not like Trapper Wolf was that significant of a character on The Mandalorian, or even the most notable of pilots within the franchise. But regardless of what the selling point is, one user seems to be thrilled Filoni is being honored with this toy line:

Definitely deserving. I don't think there's anyone else besides Lucas himself who understands the nuts and bolts of Star Wars as intimately as Mr. Filoni. That said, Irvin Kershner & Richard Marquand did excellent jobs w/ ESB & RotJ, respectively.

As thrilled as some were that Dave Filoni got a Star Wars action figure, others were stunned. A few pointed out that as great as the action figure looked, it was missing a key element of Filoni's style that he's often seen wearing:

I just assumed there'd be a cowboy hat underneath the helmet so this kinda changed my whole perspective on the world.

Those convinced this is the greatest Star Wars toy ever should note that while we've seen pictures of the Trapper Wolf toy, it isn't available just yet. The figure isn't set to be released until Fall of 2021 and will be available exclusively on the Hasbro Pulse site. It will be a wait for some for sure but, if it means owning a toy of the guy who made some of Star Wars' most beloved characters, it'll be well worth it.

The Mandalorian Season 3 isn't expected to arrive on Disney+ for some time, but keep an eye on CinemaBlend all the same for updates on its development. And for more about Dave Filoni, check out what he had to say when asked if he had any plans to revisit Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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