How Daniel Radcliffe And Steve Buscemi Influenced Miracle Workers Season 3

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi have played some whacky characters in their TBS comedy Miracle Workers, but that's not all they do in the series. As producers, they're occasionally asked things they'd like to see happen in the show, and it turned out both had a major suggestion that helped shape the way Season 3 came together.

I recently got a chance to speak to both Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi about Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail, and after viewing the first episode, I noticed something I hadn't seen much of in the previous seasons. Buscemi (who was a late addition to the series when it started) confirmed that Season 3 will feature a good deal of interaction between him and Radcliffe's character, and that the two pushed for it ahead of the start. Buscemi said:

In fact that's something that Dan and I both requested going into this season. When we talked with the writers going into it and they asked 'Is there anything you'd like to see happen,' we both said 'Can we have more scenes together?' So I was really pleased to see that our characters are literally side by side on the trail and constantly at odds, and then also becoming friends. [We're] sort of influencing each other and affecting each other, and then just doing silly things together too.

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail is headed out on one of America's greatest pioneer paths as weary settlers are encouraged by Reverend Ezekiel Brown (Daniel Radcliffe) that the answer to all their troubles is out west in Oregon. The group is committed to the journey but unable to find passage there until a chance encounter with one mysterious stranger results in them getting a guide for the journey. Little do they know that stranger is outlaw Benny the Teen (Steve Buscemi), who only agrees to the journey in an effort to evade capture from bounty hunters.

While new seasons of Miracle Workers are often different from those that came before as an anthology, there hasn't been a storyline yet in which Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi's characters spend a prolonged amount of time together. That will change in Season 3, as Buscemi's Benny the Teen will likely be front and center as he leads a bulk of the cast through the Oregon Trail.

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail is certainly yet another wild direction for the series, which was set in heaven in its original season and the middle ages in Season 2. Newcomers curious to watch Season 3 can jump right in, though, as there's no carryover from the stories, which are all based on the writings of humorist and writer Simon Rich.

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail airs on TBS Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET. For more on the series' actors, check out what Daniel Radcliffe said about the Harry Potter movies, and how he feels about them now.

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