Rick And Morty Episode Leaks Early, But Fans Who Raged Against Sperm Monsters Might Not Like It

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Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for an upcoming episode of Rick And Morty Season 5. Read at your own risk!

Television productions try their best to prevent leaks whenever possible, but in the modern age of streaming, that can be easier said than done. Case in point, one of Rick and Morty's upcoming Season 5 episodes was released early on Amazon Prime Canada after the streaming service mistakenly released Episode 7 as opposed to Episode 4. Unfortunately, there's some bad news on the way for fans who hated the sperm monsters of Episode 5, as the controversial episode will get a callback sooner rather than later.

Following fan backlash for the grossness of "Rickdependence Spray," chatter about the leaked episode "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion" has revealed that a key character from the controversial Rick and Morty episode will return. Specifically, Rick Sanchez and the Smith family will come head to head with the "incest baby" created by Morty's giant sperm and Summer's egg. The baby will be named Naruto (presumably named after the popular anime character) and play a role in the family's giant robot adventure teased in the trailer.

While it's not entirely unheard of for Rick and Morty to bring back a new character in the same season they were introduced, it's definitely not a common occurrence by any means. It's certainly extra unfortunate for Rick and Morty, which earned some rare backlash from fans and critics alike for "Rickdependence Spray." For those who haven't watched it, the whole episode revolved around Rick unintentionally experimenting on Morty's sperm, which created an apocalyptic event and giant sperm monsters that attempted to conquer the world.

The episode was panned for being less clever and more disgusting than the average Rick and Morty episode, and the fact that Morty and Summer had a giant child was definitely an uncomfortable addition to the madness. Of course, the two didn't actually have any sexual relations that resulted in the child, though it didn't make the experience any less weird for some.

It will be interesting to see how "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion" is received when it actually releases when it's supposed to, and how the return of the incest baby could negatively impact the overall perception of Season 5. The series has largely been celebrated by fans since its beginning, sometimes to the point of obsession, so this is somewhat new territory. It seems all animated comedies eventually reach a point where they "peak" and decline in quality, though one would assume the latest Season 5 episode was more of a misstep than a sign of things to come. Who knows, maybe the return of the incest baby could ultimately redeem the first episode it appeared in.

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