Big Brother Season 23 Spoilers: Who Won The HOH, And What It Means For Week 2

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother Season 23 episode that aired Thursday, July 15. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 23 just had its first eviction of the year, and shortly after Travis Long was sent packing, it was time for Brandon "Frenchie" French to hand over the keys to the Head of Household to another Houseguest. Frenchie's chaotic week got the house off to a fiery start, so it'll be on the Week 2 HOH to either continue the chaos or restore order.

Needless to say, there's a lot on the line this week, and The Slaughterhouse could dominate the next few weeks with the right HOH in place. Did that happen, though? Let's go over who won the big competition this week, what it means for week 2, and how the Wildcard Competition could shake up the game in a meaningful way.

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Kyland Young Won The Head Of Household In Week 2

Just when it seemed like Frenchie's secret Final 2 partner Brent Champagne was about to win the competition, Kyland Young swept in and saved the sanity of many Big Brother viewers. Of course, his win is still technically a win for the majority Slaughterhouse alliance, though that alliance is among the shakiest in the house. Kyland is also a part of The Cookout alliance, which drastically reduces his nomination choices for the week.

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How Kyland Young May Run His Head Of Household

Given Kyland Young's alliances and friendship with Derek Xiao, his options for nomination are pretty limited. If he's loyal to all the people he's aligned with and can't nominate his own teammates, then Sarah Beth Steagall, Hannah Chaddha, and Britini D'Angelo are his nomination options. Those would be the safe choices if the Slaughterhouse and Cookout remain intact this week, which is absolutely not a sure thing.

After all, Frenchie is the founder of The Slaughterhouse and just spent his week as Head of Household nominating three people he personally guaranteed were safe. Kyland was one of those people nominated (though saved by Derek X using the veto), so he would be justified in throwing Frenchie up on the block to return the favor. I'm not sure Kyland will make such a big play in Week 2, but I'll certainly be rooting for him to consider it.

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How The Wildcard Competition May Affect Kyland Young's HOH

Big Brother Houseguests who have already not competed in the Wildcard Competition last week may choose to do so this week, but with a twist. Whoever wins safety this week will be granted it, provided they agree to leave their current team and align with another one. Truthfully, it's not a huge deal for the player who wins because no one seems all that loyal to their actual teammates beyond the safety they get if one of their team gets HOH. It could definitely mess up Kyland's nominations and force him to nominate someone he's technically aligned with, though, which is not good for his game.

Will Kyland Young have a clean week that helps his game, or will the twists of Big Brother Season 23 turn it into a mess like Frenchie's? We can only wait and see by watching Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET and continue to rave about just how bad Frenchie's first week in the house was, like so many former players are doing.

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