Kim Kardashian Is Totally Changing Back Her Style After Kanye West Split And Fans Are Loving It

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A lot has transpired for Kim Kardashian during the last 14 years as she and her family became household and brand names through Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She launched beauty and shapewear companies that have put her at billionaire status, as well as Olympic sponsor status. She had four kids with soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West. Following their split earlier this year, though, fans are noting a huge change within the reality star's fashion style.

In the minds of her fans, Kim Kardashian is shaking off her most recent style era from the last seven years. (Think big sweatshirts and athleisure wear.) And instead, Kardashian is aiming for something more familiar in the wake of her split with Kanye West. (Think impossibly tight, strapless mini dresses.)

Per routine, Kim Kardashian took to her social media with some pics of what many are interpreting as her supposed “old” style. She gave an insight look into her Rome trip where she is seen wearing a skin-tight leopard mini dress, and her fans did not disappoint her. Among their comments on her Instagram were “omg 2010 kim vibes” and “Kim living her best life.” Some even connected the change to the Kanye West split, with one fan writing, “single Kim is [flame emoji].”

Form-fitting outfits are what Kim Kardashian is notorious for. But these days, it's more often associated with her shapewear line SKIMS and not her own personal style. (Beyond the bicycle shorts, I have seen Kardashian in a lot of blazers of late.) However, fans are absolutely loving the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star being comfortable in her old signature look. See this Twitter fan’s reaction:

Kim Kardashian's fashion style has evolved over the years, and many consider Kanye West to be the reason for that. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, he famously replaced Kardashian's entire closet at one point. He also told her to give up the big sunglasses look and stop dressing “sexy” since she was apparently only allowed to wear clothes meant for her husband’s pleasure and not herself. A Twitter user even did a throwback to one of West’s comments under Kardashian's new/old look:

Now with new Kim Kardashian looking like old Kim Kardashian, fans are quick to point out the seeming lack of Kanye West's influence. Under one of the latest “old” Kim styles manifesting – complete with cherry mini dress and trucker hat – one fan wrote:

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage looked to be on a downward spiral for months before the announcement of the divorce. West even at one point claimed that his wife was trying to “51/50” him in one of his controversial tweets last year. On the Keeping Up with the Kardashians final season, Kardashian was seen visibly upset after an argument with West and eventually admitted that they weren't on the same page, nor the same physical location, anymore. In the new/old pics, fans joked that Kardashian was “free” of this dynamic once and for all:

Kim Kardashian very well might be reverting to her old 2010s style in the midst of her divorce to Kanye West. But let's hope things don't get too bad and she goes even further: Y2K style. I shudder to think of big belts, tiny vests, and insane layers coming back into the collective consciousness.

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