How Kim Kardashian Allegedly Feels About Kanye West’s Plans To Release Music About Their Divorce

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In the months since their divorce announcement, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were thought to be on rather shaky ground. Supposedly, the two couldn't even be in the same room or communicate easily when it came to co-parenting their four kids. However, the dynamic has apparently started to shift in a positive direction. And now, with West's plans to release music about their divorce on the horizon, Kardashian allegedly has certain feelings about it.

Kanye West hosted the first listening party, or should we say symposium, for his upcoming Donda album this past Friday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Surprisingly, several lyrics appeared to address his relationship and divorce to Kim Kardashian. For example, West is heard saying "I'm losing my family" and "Darling, come back to me" in one song. But apparently, Kardashian isn't too salty about the forlorn references to her. According to a source for E! News, the two “reconnected” a few months beforehand and Kardashian even had input in the song. They continued:

Kim and Kanye are doing great now. Now that the pressure of the marriage is off, they are on the same page as friends.

Kim Kardashian showed her support for Kanye West's upcoming album by attending the listening party with their kids. It was the first time the Kardashian-Wests were seen publicly as a family unit, but previous reports suggest that they were making an effort before then.

(Image credit: Architectural Digest)

The internet's reaction to Kanye West's new music was less accommodating, though. Many pointed out the seeming awkwardness of Kim Kardashian being front row at the event, considering the heartbreaking lyrics being directed at her. Meanwhile, others joked about the couple’s matching red outfits, as well as about Jay-Z and West reuniting on a song following their long falling-out supposedly over Kardashian.

Though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be doing better nowadays, the two had struggled for a long time when it came to being on the same page. Kardashian has said their issues were over “a general difference of opinions,” which could refer to West’s controversial revelations about their private life or the fact that she lives in California and he lives on a ranch in Wyoming. But widespread speculation has assumed that Kardashian’s filming for reality TV was a huge problem for West.

These days, the formerly married couple are content to separately pursue their own version of happiness. Kim Kardashian is achieving it through bikini pics referencing Dolly Parton, and Kanye West is moving on supposedly with a new woman. E! News’ source claimed that Kardashian “doesn't mind” if West dates, so long as it “doesn't impact her kids.”

As for Kanye West's new music, the word on the streets is it will be released on August 6. West’s fans will know this process well, though, and probably aren't expecting the album out promptly.

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