Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Reacts To The Show Ending With Season 8

Cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s been announced that the next season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will sadly be the last, and the eighth season will take it’s time getting here. Season 7 finished up last April and Season 8 isn't coming to NBC until the fall, so this longer-than-normal break serves as a small taste of what life without the Nine-Nine will be like. (You know, joyless and such.) Fans of the police comedy show aren't the only ones having all the feels about the end of the series, as the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are also sending out their grateful and bittersweet reactions to the end of the long-running show.

This is not the first time the cast has prepared to end their time with the show, as the show was previously canceled on Fox before being picked back up by NBC. Melissa Fumero, who plays the stubborn perfectionist Amy Santiago, responded to Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending on her Twitter by sharing a post of creator Dan Goor’s grateful words about the show and its loyal fandom. Fumero shared her own thankfulness that she’s able to “take a victory lap” with her colleagues in the upcoming season.

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Star Dirk Blocker is all positivity when it comes to the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He praised his on-screen partner first and foremost, which is very in line with his character Hitchcock, who is rarely seen without his partner Scully, as portrayed by Joel McKinnon Miller.

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Dirk Blocker wasn’t the only cast member to let the spirit of his Brooklyn Nine-Nine character take charge when responding to the show’s looming end. Joe Lo Truglio slipped into Charles Boyle’s shoes with a humorous, yet strangely heartwarming tribute to his character, and takes a positive look forward going into the final season. In the actors own, sexy words:

Love our show and thankful to everyone who helped bring these extraordinary people into my orbit. Charles Boyle changed my life for the better in a million ways. But we’re not done! To the fans: we [heart] you. You’re the real sexy train and don’t leave the station quite yet.

Another character that Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are probably not ready to part with yet is Terry Crews’ Terry Jeffords. Crews took to his Twitter in a response to a fan made Twitter thread saying goodbye to the Nine-Nine. While we don’t see a lot of Terry's on-screen personality in the actor's send off to the show, we can definitely hear the Lieutenant in Crews’ bittersweet response to the show coming to a close.

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Stephanie Beatriz also posted a tribute to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her character Detective Rosa Diaz tends to keep her emotions close to her chest, although she has opened up as the show has aged. Beatriz seemed to follow her character’s lead by keeping her message on the show’s ending limited to a short and sweet with a simple “SQUAD FOREVER” caption under a photo of the cast and crew.

That same photo was also shared by Joel McKinnon Miller, who plays Scully, with a message that resembles the one made by his on-screen partner Dirk "Hitchcock" Blocker.

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While the cast seems to be keeping it overwhelmingly positive with only a touch of sadness, we can’t help but to think this is only the beginning in the stages of grief that will be felt over the loss of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Once filming for the final season continues a bit more, we may see even more emotional responses from the cast. As this is just the beginning of the end, we have a whole season to look forward to from the cast fans know and love. We can’t wait to see what the hilarious cast members get into in the final season. NINE-NINE!

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